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My descent into Vivi’s world, where unicorns make dildos

At the Italian border with France, at 1400 meters above sea level, where the Via Lattea and the Via Francigena meet, there’s a peculiar village where adventurers passing through live a different life depending to the altitude they are, as happens inside overlapping Dantesque circles.

The mountains peaks delimit the Circle of Ascensionists and Descensionists, a receptacle of tireless summer climbers who climb up the slopes and reckless snow testers who pick up speed aboard slipping tools.

At the foot of the mountains, life runs quieter into the Circle of Patrons where regular inhabitants and transient frequenters gather over rich food that refresh the stomach and alcoholic herbal mixtures that turn the cheeks red to chatter about this and that.

Slightly below ground level, where the sound of footsteps softens as you disappear through a wooden door, down some stone steps, it opens up the Circle of the Defenders of Love and Delight.
The access is restricted to open-minded curious and explorers with sharp senses, practitioners of indulging and pursuers of pleasure.
I came in front of the abovementioned door in the middle of a late-February snowy day, ready for my descent into the abovementioned Circle. There was no Charon here waiting to ferry souls down but instead, a young maiden of rare beauty and fascinating spirit who drove me into the beating heart of a secret place I’m about to reveal to you.

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Welcome to Vivi’s creative forge where unicorns shape silicone dildos and fabricate wood and leather tools for resounding spanking.

Vivi is the Italian brand of sex toys and BDSM accessories which gives a vibrant, flirty, carefree interpretation of sexuality.
The products have ironic and suggestive shapes and names that remind us that pleasure comes also from fun.

unicorn in vivi kinky minded design

The history of Vivi is not the history of a huge company with endless funds and advanced technologies, but rather an example of how creativity can be applied to sexuality to create objects able to interact with the body in a safe, funny and pleasurable way.

It all started from an indefatigable creative mind and a piece of bamboo wood during one of those afternoons of deep reflections when time runs slow. The creative mind, our industrious unicorn, decided to test his artisanal ability following the principles of good design he learned during his days at the Polytechnic. That day, he gave a spanking paddle a heart, a personality and a name: Bambooyeah!

– No, not like this. Read again, but this time put some heart into it by temporarily dilating the ‘yeah’ with notes of deep satisfaction and bearing in mind the exclamation point is silent but perceptible. Bambooyyyeeeeeaaahh!
Now you got into the spirit of Vivi! –

paletta spanking legno bambù

The paddle quickly pulled at the heartstrings of some insatiable human carnal sinners who requested it in large quantities.
Driven by the divine sign of the first order, the unicorn decided to satisfy that demand by developing a new offer: in 80 days he created a brand of sex toys and called it Vivi.

To start, he picked a secluded space away from prying eyes and easy rumours.
In the beginning, there was chaos, a messy jumble of stacked-up supplies abandoned by the Circle of Patrons.
Armed with goodwill and mythical elbow grease, he turned that into a creative laboratory. Here he laid the foundation of his venture, that we humans call guidelines, brand, corporate identity and business philosophy.
Then he designed all the tools to bring pleasure and fun into human lives: dildos, floggers, plugs and paddles.
He selected the materials, studied the workflow and established the necessary equipment.

stampa 3d sex toys

He gave a (vibrant) personality, a (suggestive) name and an (elegant) dress (a black packaging) to every creature born of Vivi.
And he finally started multiplying sex toys.
The first thing he created was Cocktus, an evergreen dildo that does not fear lack of sunlight and abundance of irrigation.
Then came Falloween (‘Fallo’ is Italian for ‘penis’), a plug shaped like a scary Halloween pumpkin for shivers of pleasure.
And finally came all the other creatures who are populating Vivi’s underground world.

dildo in silicone a forma di cactus

As time went by, Vivi sowed satisfaction among disciples all over the world who recognize themselves as ‘Love and Fun Defenders‘.
After a whole day’s wandering curiously around Vivi’s intricacies, now I’m part of this bizarre band of humans too.

During my descent into Vivi I talked to unicorns, witnessed silicone casting and stared at Cocktus’ pots taking shape on a 3d printer.

colata in silicone rosa

While I was there, I brought a bit of pink with me, and soon there will be hybrid personality-dildos that embody the spirit of Vivi with a hint of Le Sex en Rose.
In the meantime, you can go explore Vivi’s world through the virtual streets of its website and its Instagram channel.
If you want to treat yourself to a moment of orgasmic fun, you just have to stop by the online shop and choose if you want to give voice to your pleasure with a ‘Dildooh’ or a ‘Bambooyeah!’.
P.S. Use my discount code LESEXENROSE to enjoy 15% off all the products.

Goodbye, my dear human sinners, I’ll see you down the Circle of the Defenders of Love and Delight.

The Vivi’s tale is (based on) a true story. The main character, our unicorn, has a name, a face and an identity, all things that some so-not-legendary (but not-so-human too) creatures might use against him to damage and hurt him. That’s because in the earthly world created by humans, where free love and pleasure are still causing fear and guilt, it’s easier to discredit and oppress sexuality rather than speak openly about it.

Pictures & video by I’M

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