Janelle Monàe in the video oh her new single PYNK with Tessa Thompson poking her head through the Vagina Pants

It’s Vagina Pants season. The summer fashion trend is pink and feminist.

Time’s up. We’re done with subtle statements and between-the-lines messages.

The new wave pop feminism is spreading across a pink-hued desert with neon lights to the tune of PYNK, the new single released by Janelle Monàe.

Janelle channelled the Pussy Power into a brash celebration of female sexuality in all its shades of pink dancing together with her all-girl gang in a giant pair of ruffled Vagina Pants‘ (or more correctly vulva pants) with silky labia.

PYNK is a brazen ode to femininity and its insides and an invitation to women to feel proud to occupy her own body and to spread their pink power across a blue-dominated world.

Cause boy, it’s cool if you got blue
We got the pynk

Beyond its shimmering suggestive imagery and the visual innuendos to the female anatomy (a raw oyster, a pink ring donut, a pink grapefruit sliced in half, a long-haired cat), PYNK is a smart, gender and queer inclusive anthem embracing sexual fluidity.

PYNK celebrates all women regardless of anatomy, “No matter if you have a vagina or not” as Janelle put it on Twitter. (If you notice, not all the women in the video are wearing ‘vagina pants’ because, well, not all women have vaginas).

PINK is Janelle’s third single from her upcoming album, Dirty Computer, which she’ll release in full on April 27.

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