unicornland web series threesome
unicornland web series threesome

Unicornland web series: no filter life of a real unicorn

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Beyond the boundaries of monogamous love and sexuality set by the traditional idea of heterosexual couple, there’s a land of unicorns where sexual exploration rides upon the wings of freedom and desire overriding labels and prejudice.

In the language of polyamory, the unicorn is that rare creature of a single person (usually a woman) who is willing to join an existing couple in an open relationship.

Unicornland is an 8 episode web series about Annie, newly-divorced young woman and wannabe unicorn who sets out on a quest for pleasure and love venturing into dating couples.

Each episode features a different date with a new couple, in a series of changeable situations, ironic at times but mostly awkward, as Annie explores herself and her sexuality and becomes aware of what she likes, what she’s looking for and how to get it.

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Unicornland is an honest and no filter portrayal of the complexity of polyamory. It shows what really happens when people with different, and perhaps distant, sexual experiences and preferences come close to explore new ways of loving and experiencing sexuality driven by the same desire and curiosity. The result is a journey through attempts to enrich life with new experiences by putting yourself out there stripped from labels, universal rules and preconceptions, led only by desires, feelings and fantasies.
Sometimes the rules are set by the couple to protect its balance from the risky inclusion of a third person; sometimes they are set by the unicorn to avoid becoming the toy of two and to feel part of a group of three. And sometimes there are no rules and everything happens spontaneously.

Unicornland is as revolutionary as it’s simple. For the first time, the shadow world of polyamory comes to light not as a perverse deviation from reality headed by experts of wild sex and extreme sexual performances. Rather it’s an uncharted territory populated by normal people who experience a less regulated and more inclusive sexuality.

Where there’s room for everyone and everything: romance and passion, cuddling and spanking, soft silk robes and skimpy leather dresses, role-playing games and solo self-pleasure.


Unicornland is real, realistic and really embarrassing. The embarrassment fills the moments when expectations, (sexual) fantasies and reality collide generating unpredictable situations where the people involved don’t always know what they’re looking for, if they’re actually looking for something and how to get it.

To the eyes of those who look at love and sex as an exquisitely monogamous vanilla dessert for two, this series is probably just awkward and detached from reality.
For those who tried to imagine, and possibly to taste, a freer and less conventional sexuality, there’s nothing to understand or interpret, but it appears equally embarrassing.

Unicornland is smart, perhaps too much. It’s good at making people think and a little less good at entertaining. The irony is the type that doesn’t make you laugh but just smile while thinking – Yep, it’s just like that.
To stay away from simplistic stereotypes and judgemental labels, it’s likely to keep away the many people who subscribe to the idea of traditional, monogamous love and sex.

If you’d like to know more about this world of real wonderful (and not that magical) creatures, give it a try. Because unicorns are among us and learning how to recognise them may help to discover new ways to love and experience pleasure.

The entire first season is available on UnicornlandSeries.com

And here’s the trailer

Unicornland is also exquisitely female and inclusive, created and produced by Lucy Gillespie , directed by Nick Leavens, and shot by a 70% female cast and crew.

The cast is a celebration of the ethnic and social diversity of New York City, composed of 60% non-white, including trans, genderqueer and disabled actors. But that doesn’t entitle you to look at the actors wondering – Is she a woman or..? – or to guess who’s gay.

Watch the series with no mental barriers. And if you need to overcome the embarrassment, the formula is always the same either in the land of the unicorns or in that of the monogamous, heterosexual bipeds:

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*Vanilla is the term to refer to conventional sex which does not include BDSM, typically sweet and very lovey-dovey.

Footage stills from Unicornland (c) Episodes 1-8 – Set photography by Adrien Buckmaster – www.unicornlandseries.com

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