macarons a forma di tampone insanguinato
macarons a forma di tampone insanguinato creati dalla pasticceria Ohlala di Londra

Bloody tampon macarons are for a very good cause.

When I first looked at the picture of a box of tampon-shaped macarons soaked in blood with edible blue string I assumed it was yet another stunt of dubious taste in the name of feminism, girl power of female empowerment; one of those initiatives in quest for virality that end up pushing people away rather than bringing them together.

Mea culpa, I’ll admit it. I fell victim to the same prejudice and stereotype I claim I want to break down with my blog (you know, the fairy tale of angry, hairy, and men hating feminists who burn bras and wave blood-dipped tampons at the parades).

confezione di 8 macarons ohlala a forma di tampone

It’s actually for a very good cause if we’re left with these revolting gourmet delicacies that make you want to empty your stomach instead of filling it.

The tampons are made by the macaron expert OhLaLa, London-base bakery who turned bespoke handmade, gluten-free, high-in-almond-content macarons into its signature. Except this time Ohlala signed with blood to seal a pact with charity Bloody Good Period who aim to get rid of period poverty by giving menstrual supplies to asylum seekers, refugees & women on a low income who can’t afford them.

For each box purchased through the website, Ohlala will donate £10, enough to fund a month’s worth of menstrual supplies.
It’s been estimated that 1 in 10 young women in the UK alone can’t afford to purchase sanitary products each month, this meaning that thousands of girls are missing school because of the so-called ‘period poverty’.

Each bloody good gift box contains 8 handcrafted macarons with a realistically uninviting look and delicately flavoured with Rose, Raspberry and Vanilla. 2 of them are masterfully embellished with edible blood.

macaron a forma di tampone insanguinato

There’s nothing left but go beyond the aesthetic aspect to enjoy the sublime essence of such delicacies. Sometimes in order to savour life, you have to close your eyes and go with the flow.

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