Tenga Spinner: the spiral of male pleasure – Review

When Tenga released the Flip 0I was stunned by it.

When I received the Flip 0 EV, I went bananas.

But when I first saw the Tenga Spinner – well, the Spinners, because they come in three different souls – at Erofame, I just couldn’t believe my eyes and my fingers that greedily explored the inside of the toy.


After revolutionising male masturbation with pioneering pleasure products focused on design, technology and functionality, offering a broad price range, Tenga launched the Spinner, high-value masturbation sleeve for the penis that embeds all the expertise gained with the high-end Big Boys (flip and super flip) in a very competitive price (£ 26.99 / $ 27.00) which makes the Spinner the cheapest but most innovative of the reusable products.

Tenga-Spinner-02-sex-toy-uomoWhat does the Spinner look like?

The Tenga Spinner is an Elastomer masturbation sleeve for the penis with a coil embedded in it. The coil makes the Spinner twist along the whole length of the penis and, together with the double-layered internal structure, is able to simulate a deep penetration like the one you have during an intense sex session. 

Internal coil

The internal texture allows the toy to adhere to the penis and to let it conveniently slide under the effect of the spiral, without causing any discomfort, not even for hypersensitive dudes like me.

The deep penetration ends in a final “room”, where our little buddy’s head can enter knowing that it will sink into an oblivion of pleasure.

I personally appreciated the gestures allowed by the Spinner which can be used with one hand thanks to its moderate weight and size.

Tenga Spinner into the drying case

The Spinner is reusable and can be washed under running cold or tepid water using neutral or mild soap, taking care to let it dry completely before to place it into the case for storage.

The packaging is exquisitely compact, minimal and carefully designed and turns easily into a drying case by removing the bottom cover.

Every pack includes a sample of Tenga lubricant, so that you have a ready-to-use toy.

Lubricant sample included in thepackaging

You can choose between 3 different colors, each associated with a different internal design with mild, pointed or firm edges, that allow penis of all sizes and sensitivity to achieve maximum pleasure. 

The Spinner series includes:

SPINNER 01 TETRA with geometric tiles with mild edges

SPINNER 02 HEXA with hexagonal tiles with pointed edges

SPINNER 03 SHELL with fanned tiles with firm edges.

Tenga Spinner 01 02 03 – packaging

More Spinner for everyone

To conclude, I tested the 3 Spinners at the end of three working days that surely didn’t awake my sex drive.

In all three cases, I started from scratch, with my little buddy not even close to being ready for anything sexual. 

I’ll admit that, unlike other toys, the Spinner was very effective and led me from scratch to the stars in less than five minutes with no frills.

I also liked the slapping wet skin sound effect the Spinner was making during use, that reminded me of pleasant memories. 

I’m genuinely curious to know how Tenga will outdo itself in the future because I seriously doubt penis owners can have something better with this price and this performance. 


Pictures by I’M the PH

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