Tenga-Flip-Zero-EV drying and charging
TENGA FLIP ZERO EV sex toy for male masturbation. Vibrating elastomer sleeve.


Journey to the edge of male pleasure

Let’s start with a premise. The predecessor Tenga Flip Zero was born in 2016 as a technological product for penis masturbation and, compared to every other male toy, belongs to a higher category differing in design, finishings and sensations delivered. Here‘s my past review.

That’s why, the moment I saw the newsletter announcing the launch of the vibrating evolution, Tenga Flip Zero EV, I sided with the sceptics. How would it even be possible to create a better product?

confezione Tenga Flip Zero EV

It came to me directly from Japan, thanks to my better half, right after the official presentation on the European market, in its shimmering minimalist packaging with Apple-style images on a clean white background: the perfect presentation.

Flip Zero EV has the same colours, shape and materials of its older brother and that surprised me. How the hell did they integrate the vibration in there?

The answer is as simple as disarming: Flip Zero EV is an utterly different world. It’s a whole new product, redesigned and re-engineered to the last detail in order to improve the user experience and to bring sensations to a new, higher, unique level. Let me be clear on this: there is nothing remotely close to Tenga Flip Zero EV in the world of penis toys and I’ll tell you why.

Simplicity is the key to evolution

Tenga Flip Zero EV insieme ai prodotti da barba

Let’s start from the external shape: simple and intuitive.
A white satin finish and a single button on the top to turn the Flip On and Off and to cycle through its vibration modes. The grip hasn’t changed one bit: solid and firm but also soft and pliable depending on the surface areas, to let you play with your little friend.

Remove the slide arms (that also work as the battery) to access the internal structure, where you can find a completely new space redesigned with new textures and two new vibration cores, one on each side, fully coated with the soft and flawless silicone by Tenga, that run for 40 minutes after a 90-mins charge.

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Not only do you have no perception of the cores as strange elements, you don’t even realize where the wiring and the connectors are placed: Flip Zero EV looks more magical than electronic.

The new internal structure looks simpler than the previous one and the absence of the layered end orb, the final rounded area at the bottom of the toy that used to bring me a lot of pleasure, left me puzzled: did I really have something better on my hands?

The greatest respect you can pay to theory is practice. Ergo, let’s hit it!

Every toy by Tenga always comes with a sample of lube. This time I used both the shots of Hole Lotion Real lubricating the inside of the FLIP and the insertion point.
Don’t be afraid to abound: once Flip Zero EV is closed, it stays sealed without causing any spillage of lube.

Tenga Flip Zero EV in mano

You become aware of the great work of design and innovation once you start using Flip Zero EV the same way you used the Flip Zero.

Once I had my little friend inside it, it felt comfortable and enveloping. I never paid attention to the weight of 530 grams, carried away by pleasant sensations.

I quickly reached the bottom of the White Rabbit hole and, without thinking too much about the new features, I skipped from a phase of acquaintance and adjustment to ecstatic pleasure: only the Flip Zero gave me a similar sensation until then.

Interno in silicone di TENGA FLIP ZERO EV

Flip Zero EV immediately puts you at ease. I tried to rotate and squeeze it to test if the presence of the two vibrating motors could be irritating, but all I found was an incredible vacuum suction that perfectly simulates an enjoyable fellatio.

This might be enough for a new, well-designed sex toy coming with a new texture, but certainly not enough to justify a huge difference in the sale prices. In fact, we are still at the beginning of our journey.

In order to distinguish the Flip Zero’s Room of Pleasure with the one in the Flip Zero EV, I coined a new term for the latter: the Buttons’ Room.

The Buttons’ Room

By pressing and holding the button on the top for 2 to 3 seconds, you turn the Flip on and start to perceive a low, soft vibration that envelops and stimulates your little friend down there.


The two cores emit vibrations from the centre and from the tip of the toy and the internal structure make them spread along the penis length.

Having experimented with my better half’s vibrating sex toys, I was curious to test the other modes, looking for more intense vibrations.
So far, I only had the chance to be pleased by vibrations coming from cock rings (punctual and irritating) and female sex toys used during the intercourse (weak and not directed at me).

By pressing again, you activate a higher continuous vibration.

You just need to press a third time to switch to other 3 modes: Pulse, Alternating (the vibration alternately bounces between the two cores) and Random, where moves, vibrations and patterns are casually mixed up and it’s like attending a rave party of sexual pleasure.

I lingered for as long as I could, while the vibrations were enhancing a sensation you can’t find in any other way. If I’m being honest, after having played with all the modes, the one that led me to climax was the first one, with the soft and continuous vibration. That’s probably because it allows you to feel the internal stimulating edges and to easily use the pressure pads while the vibrations run.


Tenga-Flip-Zero-EV collegato al laptop

One more run

I tried the Flip Zero EV again the following day and I let the vibrations carry me away, fully relaxed inside that comfortable VIP room, enjoying a relaxing massage along the length of my little friend.
Eventually, I reached the climax with the first vibration mode while I was manually playing with the toy: that remains my favourite combo.

Final thoughts

I always felt like I had an extremely technologic and refined object on my hands (and around my penis), something that draws a clear dividing line in the history of male masturbation between how it’s been intended in the human history so far and how it’s been conceived by the team of designers and engineers at Tenga’s. This is a revolution comparable to the augmented reality.


Tenga Flip Zero EV gives you amazing physical sensations that you cannot find in nature, so new and intense that you’re not even able to explain them to someone who hasn’t tried this toy yet.

It’s a pleasure comparable to the adrenaline you get from an immersive video game where action, fantasy and reality collide and the rules of physics can be reinterpreted.

Here’s my advice: make room in your bedroom, on your nightstand or in the living room, between the everyday objects, and reserve yourself a first-class seat for a journey that even Elon Musk with his Tesla cannot offer you.


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