TENGA FLIP 0 (ZERO) – Welcome aboard

I don’t need it

This is what the alpha male says, looking at a male pleasure toy, while he’s trying to assert his virility by demonstrating skills in the noble art of old school, barehanded, self-pleasuring.

Aren’t you jealous?

This is the following question as an attempt of empathy towards me, a young woman still sexually active and already replaced by a silicon artefact.

Don’t you feel useless?

Is a display of solidarity from the female counterpart who senses the risk of losing ground as an object of desire and being outclassed by an object for pleasure.

The reality is that Flip 0 by Tenga is not a substitute for the helping hand, a little help to men not particularly good at the practice of masturbation or a surrogate for female genitalia without the woman around it, but a smart toy specially designed to enhance the male pleasure experience.

The following is the story about the encounter with Flip 0 as told by an enlightened male and my better half.

I had the pleasure of participating, you’ll have the curiosity of reading.

Tenga. Yes, thanks.

Let’s start with the basics: Tenga Flip 0 is a male pleasure sex toy, meant for the penis. It’s not only usable for gays or specifically designed for them, but democratically suitable for whoever has a penis, albeit small, and recommended to all who want to devote more than the usual short 5 minutes to their own sexual pleasure.

If making love to your female partner may be considered as an exciting first-class trip, the Flip 0 is comparable to an adrenaline filled roller-coaster ride. Final scream guaranteed.

How to use it: buckle up

The usage is simple and intuitive, but you have to follow some preliminary operations: always important, fundamental even now.

After removing the clear cover and the slide arms, you just have to push the side fastenings until they click out of place and you can access the interior of the toy. Lubricate all the perimeter as well as the inner part, into the recesses, with the sample of Tenga Hole Lotion (I suggest to linger on the spherical part at the bottom), then close and lock into place with slide arms making sure you saved some of the lube for the insertion point.

You do this, you can make yourself comfortable and gently place the opening on our pally down there being ready to feel a fresh and soft contact which will facilitate entry: welcome aboard!


Size that matters

Thanks to a clean design, refined to the last detail, the Flip 0 comes with a white, firm and minimalist appearance that would go great in an Apple Store.

In this case, the size matters and Flip 0 doesn’t go unnoticed.

The unpacked size is 70×80×180mm (D×W×H), weighing in at 400 g.

The design is minimal but the size is generous, so much that, at first glance, you may doubt you can use it in all corners, ending up losing the sensations scientifically designed for your personal pleasure.

That couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, the silicone parts allow taking a seat easily, fully enjoying all the special effects tailored to delight the user.

tenga flip 0 sex toys male masturbation

What the interior looks like

It’s a carousel made of clear soft silicone with a single reserved seat: yours.

The inner texture reminds of an intricate cog and allows our pally down there to be touched, wrapped and tickled simultaneously in a way never experienced before.
The user has complete control of the stimulation intensity and the thoughtfully designed soft structure adapts to the anatomy and follows the gesture. But the gymkhana of pleasure isn’t over. At the bottom of the toy, there’s the ultimate stage of pleasure, an area shaped to welcome the glans, the part with more nerve endings.

Once there, it feels like you’re getting close to destination, ready for the fireworks at the finish line. But Flip 0 has one last ride in store.

When you’re getting to the climax of fun, by pushing the pressure pads at any point, you can create an unexpected suction effect putting icing on the cake, handing a cosmic orgasm on a silver platter.

tenga flip 0 pressure pad

How to clean it

Flip 0 loves the water-based lubricants, so the cleansing is a piece of cake.
You just have to remove the slide arms, open the toy and wash it thoroughly with warm water, running the hand along the edges, making sure everything is clean.
The smart design is the toy’s real strength and makes the drying process easy. The slide arms turn into a stand where to place the Flip 0 opened upside down, saving the interior from dust and lint deposit.
This particular feature makes me proud to have chosen Tenga Flip 0 as my first sex toy to be tested: it’s a beautiful object to be displayed on a shelf catching the eyes of my guest.

tenga flip 0 male masturbation sex toys

Comfy one-seater

Tenga Flip 0 is a sex toy and it’s meant to be taken that way. It’s not a substitute for a partner but a surprising variation on the usual theme which normally needs to be dealt with manually.

It lends itself well to experimentation in pairs, where the better results come from the complicity and the curiosity triggered by this toy.

So don’t feel like a loser for buying it to spice up your sexual routine: you are an enlightened one.

Finish line

At first, I was sceptical about Tenga Flip 0. Whereas it was my first sex toy, and considering the way the same type of good is proposed online, I was hoping it wasn’t something vulgar or dramatically rudimentary.

But then the feeling I got when I first saw it and I used, was instantly positive. No detail was left to chance and the selected materials and the refined finishes suggest a great deal of design work behind it.

The Flip 0 wouldn’t be missing from the drawer of all who want to take a moment of extreme pleasure in total security, being proud to have made, inter alia, a style choice.

If you’re used to the very best, Tenga Flip 0 is the best you can find on the market for this kind of male sex toys. Take a ride.

tenga flip 0 male masturbation sex toys

Photo by I’M


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