male hand holding tenga flex silky white sex toy
Tenga flex silky white softer sex toy for spiraling sensations

TENGA FLEX: the different twins of male pleasure – Review

I’ll admit it, I always end up spoiling things for myself and regretting it.
I’m the one who reads the last 3 pages of the new Harry Potter book; who loses his appetite before a specially prepared dinner, wolfing down nuts and appetizers right before sitting at the table; who starts from the most adrenaline filled ride and gets bored with the other attractions in the theme park.

It was exactly the same with sex toys. My very first one was the Tenga Flip 0 and it was passion at first touch.
But today I’m going to talk to you about its younger brothers: TENGA FLEX. Same mother, TENGA, but different fathers and prerogatives, as evidenced by their names: Silky White and Rocky Black.

male hand holding sex toy tenga flex rocky black

Let’s start with the strengths.

The design is something spectacular, as well as the spiralling shape and the grip, that make the FLEX easy to use. I have no clue how many hours TENGA’s employees spend on developing one of these objects, but the resulting added value makes it worth the effort: well done guys!

Both the FLEXs are composed of an external flexible casing, black or white, and an internal Elastomer Sleeve, different for each model.
The SILKY WHITE is softer and more comfortable; it comes with gentle spiralling ribs, smoother inner details, and a softer elastomer sleeve.
The ROCKY BLACK is more challenging and enveloping; it comes with strong spiralling ribs, more intricate inner details, and a tougher elastomer sleeve.

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I chose to try them on different days to better feel the sensations and give an opinion as objective as possible.

TENGA FLEX Silky White

The Silky White was the first that winked at me, so I started with that. After washing it under running water and letting it dry, I used the TENGA HOLE LOTION lubricant included in the pack around the insertion point (it’s important that it’s very lubricated) and inside the elastomer sleeve.

washing tenga flex sex toy elastomer sleeve under water

From here on out, you must have great faith in Tenga (trust me, it doesn’t bite) and proceed without hesitation to the insertion hole, gaining access to the interior of the toy.

To be fair, this passage wasn’t that easy for me, at least compared to the Flip 0. I don’t know if it was the hole shape or the lubrication, but it felt like sneaking into a very tiny nook.

Once inside the TENGA FLEX Silky White, sensations are intense and you have the time and space to try the vacuum special effect by covering the air hole and pulling the toy away from you.
That’s not comparable to the suction created by the Flip 0 but it’s still very nice.

male hand covering the air hole of tenga flex rocky black sex toy

Unwind your pleasure

In case you need a stronger hug, the design allows you to literally squeeze, twist, grip the TENGA FLEX for the grand finale.

hands squeezing tenga flex silky white sex toy

TENGA FLEX Rocky Black

The Rocky Black is the harder twin, dedicated to harder men.
Here the insertion is an equally delicate but very intense matter. It took me awhile to have my playmate inside Mr Black’s playroom, ’cause here there’s no room for any shade: you cut to the chase. The Rocky Black has all the hallmarks of the white version, vacuum and squeeze included, with a twist. You can experience the TENGA FLEX upward ejection, a ‘NASA-Missile-Launch effect’, which challenges the gravity.

looking into the air hole of tenga flex rocky black sex toy male pleasure

Final conclusions

Let’s talk about the price first.
I mentioned the FLIP 0 several times comparing it to the FLEX, but this was a little unfair since they are part of two lines with two significantly different price ranges. The FLEX has a price of £34.99, while the FLIP 0’s price tag is £79.99.

The Flex comes with a great design and high-quality, durable materials which are also body safe and completely washable. It’s the toy for those who want to experience a more dynamic sensation compared to the classic sex toys for penis owners. It’s cool and you can show it off in the living room as a piece of design, ready to be used together with a partner, just in case the night takes a spicy turn.

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parts of tenga flex silky white sex toy for male pleasure

Run it under tepid water and don’t be afraid to flip it inside-out and upside-down: cleanliness above all.


tenga flex silky white elastomer sleeve on stand

Photographies by I’M

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