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A seven-days long quickie (news): You now can find Gwyneth Paltrow’s vaginal eggs in London at Goop shop

A brief overview of what’s happened over the last week #InSearchOfPleasure.

You now can find Gwyneth Paltrow’s vaginal eggs in London at Goop shop

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Gwyneth Paltrow’s wellness and lifestyle brand Goop launched its first international pop-up store in London on Tuesday.
It’s kind of going back to the roots: while the headquarters for Goop is located in Paltrow’s hometown of Los Angeles, the brand actually began as a weekly newsletter in 2008, which the actor began in her apartment in Notting Hill, the same district where the store just opened.
There you can find casual wear and jewellery, beauty, wellness and sexual health products, homeware, as well as vibrators named “The Millionaire” and “The Fireman”, Crave’s vibrator Vesper that doubles as a necklace, and Fur Oil, a luxurious mix of essential oils for smoothing and softening pubes to use on a full bush “or anywhere else you have skin and hair”, according to the box.

Harry Potter sex adventures and where to find them

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Harry Potter’s fans are grown up and the fanfictions are taking a strange sexual turn in certain corners of the internet.
By googling ‘Harry Potter erotic fan fiction‘ you find yourself in a world of steamy stories that centre around JK Rowling’s literary creation and tell about erotic exploits. Behind usernames like Slytherin-Goddess214 and harrys-girl-4-life fans write stories like Hermione Granger and the Order of Sex and A Nightly Stroll.
There will be a fan meetup in the UK on October 6 at Kings Cross station (obviously).

The masturbation scene that shocked the British

In the fourth episode of Wanderlust, a masturbation scene was defined “painfully awkward”, “racy” and “very graphic” by the viewers. I watched the scene worried to see porn-like explicit contents and all I’ve seen is some arms moving slightly under a dressing gown and a face with lips slightly open.

Week’s important dates

  • Wednesday, 26 September was World Contraception Day, a day created to improve awareness of all contraceptive methods available and enable young people to make informed choices on their sexual and reproductive health.
  • Friday 28 September was International Safe Abortion Day, that originated in Latin America and the Caribbean where women’s groups have been mobilizing around September 28 the last two decades to demand their governments to decriminalize abortion, to provide access to safe and affordable abortion services and to end stigma and discrimination towards women who choose to have an abortion. Here are 28 aspects of progress and success happened internationally this year.
  • From Monday 24 to Sunday 30 September it was Sexual Health Week, that this year focused on consent.

Save the quickie

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Trip to Erofame, the leading European Adult Industry Trade Show

Erofame, the worldwide leading B2B event for the erotic industry, is going to open its doors on Wednesday 3 October and I’m going to attend along with @imtheph and to document everything in next week’s quickies.

Image source: @Pottererotica

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