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A seven-days long quickie (news): the new LELO’s luxury sex toy for penis inspired by the Formula 1

A brief overview of what’s happened over the last week #InSearchOfPleasure.

News from the sex toys world: new products launches and previews

LELO presented its new luxury sex toy inspired by Formula 1

The Swedish giant of the luxury sex toys with the elegant packaging and the classy design just launched a new jewel, this time for male pleasure: its name is F1s and was presented at the last edition of Venus, Berlin Erotic Trade fair, a receptacle of pornstars and erotic performers. Self-proclaimed the most high-tech, high performance and most interactive male pleasure product in the world, it will start shipping from January.

Along with the toy, LELO is also offering a freely available Software Developer’s Kit, which will allow developers to control and export the readings from the device’s 10 sensors and to help the company build the perfect sex toy app.

It stimulates the penis with the same SenSonic™ technology of LELO SONA: sonic waves instead of conventional vibrations, now refined for men.

The packaging includes a pair of Formula One driver-style gloves and a Don’t Disturb sign saying “Experiment in progress”.

You can preorder it on LELO’s website at a discounted price.

Womanizer released Liberty, the new travel-size clit vacuum toy

Womanizer Liberty succhia clitoride da viaggio
Womanizer Liberty

Following the launch in London we attended a week ago(here‘s what happened), Womanizer released Liberty, the portable, compact, elegant version of the original clit sucker.

Dame Products launched Pom, the flexible vibrator sits in your hand

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Dame Products is the Brooklyn-based company that designed Eva, the first hands-free, strap-free, non-intrusive couples vibrator to be placed on the vulva (we tested it but it didn’t quite convince us: here’s the review) and Fin, the first sex toy ever featured on Kickstarter (which we use with great satisfaction, so great that we never find the time to review it!). Its newest sex toy is Pom: a flexible clitoral vibrator with an ergonomic shape designed to nestle within the palm of your hand and to conform to your hip movements.

Tenga launched Spinner, the twisting male sex toy with internal coil

The new TENGA male sex toy features an all-new internal coil that makes the SPINNER twist as you insert. Like every other Tenga product, Spinner is a successful innovative design and high-quality combo at a fair price (27 dollars).

YouPorn launched ‘search by emoji’ feature

You can now search the video on YouPorn by Emoji via a new colorful and definitely SFW landing page. You just have to select an emoji from the list that is linked to a corresponding category. The droplets lead you, obviously, to “squirting”, the eggplant to “big dick”, the lion head to “hairy”.

The iPhone’s new Parental Controls block searches for sex ed but allow violence and racism

The new iOS 12’s settings you can find under Screen Time are meant to give parents greater control over their kids’ phone use and include filters for “explicit” content and restrictions. The problem is that the filters blocks educational sites like O.school but allow sites like The Daily Stormer, an extremist neo-Nazi white supremacist platform. You can search “how to make a bomb” but the searches “how to say no to sex” or “sex education” are all restricted.

Vibrating subdermal implant: future sex toys might be invisible

Lovetron 9000 is a cyborg sex toy developed by an American biohacker for 15thousands dollars: a vibrating implant inserted beneath a man’s pubic bone. The implant takes less than 15 minutes and the wireless inductive charging takes 20 minutes for every half-hour of vibrating lovemaking.

Sex robot Harmony gets 92 Tinder matches in 2 hours

A filmmaker working on a film about sex robot brothels conducted an experiment by setting up a dating profile on Tinder for Harmony, the world’s first sex robot with an AI. The result was great: 92 matches in 2 hours. Obtained just by saying the truth.
The account left no doubt: a picture clearly displayed the robotic brain and the description said:
“Hi, I’m an anatomically correct, sexually capable robot with the most advanced AI available. I’m on Tinder to find out if guys are interested in me.” Apparently: yep.

New Zealand’s first Nude Gardening Day

The international version of the Nude Gardening Day in May was too nippy, so the NZ Naturist Federation established a New Zealand-specific Nude Gardening Day in October: Saturday the 21, the Taranaki Naturist Club’s members spent the day tree felling, planting watermelon and lettuce embracing nudity and freedom.

Erotic carp fishing calendar is a thing: its name is Carponizer and it’s now on its sixth edition

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The winning formula is pretty basic: half-naked models holding huge carps. According to the publishing company, it’s a true “must have” for any passionate angler and lover of fish.

Sex toy Halloween edition: the dildo with Marilyn Manson face on it

Marilyn Manson took to Instagram to advertise a black silicone dildo with his face on it: it’s part of his official merchandising, it costs 125 dollars and you can purchase it on his online store

Dick or Treat?

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