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A double seven-days long quickie (news): Womanizer launches travel-size clit sucker, Fendi is selling a vulva-shaped shawl

A brief overview of what’s happened over the last week #InSearchOfPleasure.

I missed a week of quickie news because.. well, you should know by now: I was at Erofame (and I widely talked about it in this post as well as in tons of Instagram stories you can find in the highlight!). So this week the quickie news is super selected and clipped. Enjoy!

Womanizer launches the new travel-size clitoral pulsator in London with the sexpert Alix Fox

The brand of the world’s first clit vacuum sex toy just launched a new travel-size version during an exclusive evening in London with sexpert Alix Fox as the special guest who opened a discussion around the future of sex and female pleasure.

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Fendi is selling a shawl that looks a lot like a (furry) vulva.

Someone suggested flipping the image upside-down to make the £750 fox fur shawl even more evocative of vulvae.

Fendi vulva-shaped shawl

Healthy mice with same-sex parents born for the first time

Mice with two fathers only survived a couple of days, but the ones with two mothers matured and had their own offspring.

I Meg Ryan’s son finally watched When Harry Met Sally orgasm scene

Well, it’s hard to believe, but apparently, his official reaction was to cry and immediately call her “I’m so sorry I missed this movie”.

A rather creepy animation shows humans’ orgasm faces

A team of researchers from the UK and Spain has found evidence showing that contrary to popular belief, the orgasm face is not the same as the pain face. They made the difference clear with animated orgasm faces that also show how the expressions differ between Western and Eastern cultures.

Sex toys for plants

A group of artists and designers from Slovenia got together to create fictional sex toys for the reproductive problems of plants.

There’s a dildo helping carnivorous plants to focus on reproduction by blocking the entry of potential pollinators; a vibrator that helps Cyclamen plants
to release its pollen when a pollinator pays its visit; a ring and plug system to attract the bees and help them access the nectar at the bottom of the flower.

Quickies on the calendar

October 11 is Coming out day

The day is meant to celebrate people who have come out as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer (LGBT+) and to break stereotypes by encouraging people to come out.

The coming out star on Instagram is, without any doubt, @mkik808

October 13 is No Bra Day

A day that aims to raise awareness of breast cancer in conjunction with Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

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