A seven-days long quickie (news): H&M condom-package-shaped earrings…

A brief overview of what’s happened over the last week #InSearchOfPleasure.

Moschino x H&M Collection’s Condom-Package-Shaped Earrings 

Condom-Package-Shaped earring and bag Moschino x H&M

The new Moschino x H&M 112-piece collection hit stores and online on November 8. It includes some extravagant pieces like the earrings and matching necklace shaped like condom wrappers and a condom bag with the words “Ready to Wear” printed across the back.

PollCast Makes The Vibrator Sync To The Midterm Elections’ Results


The cam sex platform Camsoda, on the occasion of the American midterm elections, launched PollCast, a platform that allows connected sex toys to sync the frequency of the vibrations to the elections results after choosing the race to monitor, between “House” or “Senate,” and the party to vote for, “Democrat” or “Republican”. You can enjoy one-minute vibrations for each won race.

There’s also the option “Get Screwed by the Election,” that syncs vibrations to the results of the opposite party so you don’t lose pleasure if you’re losing the elections.

It’s available for Lovense Nora and Max sex toys.

Apps That Turn Your Phone Into A Vibrator

illustration by KATIE BUCKLEITNER
illustration byKatie Buckleitner

If you type ‘vibrator’ into the search field of your app store, you end up browsing a list of dozens of applications that promise to make your phone vibrate even when no one’s calling you.

I downloaded Women Feel Love because I liked the carrot-shaped icon.

Spoiler: if you’re a power queen, looking for strong vibrations, these apps are not for you.

Refinery29 mentioned 7 apps, suggesting to cover your phone in a silicone case and to clean it both before and after use. For the sake of health and cleaning, I’d suggest buying a proper vibrator.

The Future Of Sex As Seen By The New Tech-Positive Porn Mag PC Erotic

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British Ditto Press just published the first issue of PC Erotic, the new porn magazine that wants to investigate how deeply technology is penetrating our lives shaping a new sexuality and to laugh about it.
Styled like a traditional “trashy” porn mag, it’s a mix of satirical, and seriously informative content. Its aim is to make people recognize that whether we like it or not, tech is changing sex and to open a dialogue about tech and sex without spreading fear.

The first issue features mukbang, tentacle porn, bimbofication, sexy avatars, robot sex chat, killer porn drones and much, much more.

It’s available here.

Super Drags: Netflix’s New Animated Series About Drag Queens

On November 9 Netflix released the first 5-episode season of Super Drags, the new adults-only Brasilian animated series about a trio of superhero drag queens saving the LGBTQ community from evil villains.

Schoolgirls Must Be Taught About Orgasms, Says Labour MP Jess Phillips

Labour MP Jess Phillips, who’s leading a campaign to make sex education compulsory in all secondary schools by 2020,
explained in an interview in Grazia that
“We should be telling girls about orgasms during sex education.”

Quickies on the calendar

Intersex Solidarity Day

After the Intersex Awareness Day on 26 October, 8 November is Intersex Solidarity Day, that marks the birthday of Herculine Barbin, a French intersex person whose memoirs were later published.
She was determined as female at birth and raised in a convent, but was later reclassified as male by a court of law, after an affair and physical examination.

Single’s Day Sells Sex Toys

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Singles’ Day is a celebration originated in China during the 1990s. The date, November 11th (11/11), was chosen for its four “ones”.
It’s become the largest offline and online shopping day in the world, nearly four times the size of Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Among the companies that are importing it in Europe, there’s LELO, that celebrates Single’s Day with discounts from 25 to 50% on several products with the code SD2018: go take a look at all the discounted products.

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