Royal Wedding Love Rings by Lovehoney
Lovehoney Royal Wedding Love Rings

Royal Wedding themed Sex Toys are sending Prince Harry and Meghan Markle good vibes

British people love their Queen and everything that revolves around this consumer monarchy.

We already know the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will be the big event of the year and if you’re looking for a way to feel connected even more deeply to this glossy worldwide celebration of love, Lovehoney we’ll serve up the answer on a silver platter with the vibrating Commemorative Royal Wedding Rings, one for the penis and one for the finger.

You can have the vibrating reproduction of Meghan’s engagement ring with smooth silicone diamond, as a symbol of orgasmic commitment to wear on the finger and add a more intense sensation during a massage alone or with a partner.

Lovehoney Markle Sparkle Royal Wedding Vibrating Finger Ring

But you can also have the copy of the wedding ring, a stretchy vibrating cock ring that features golden silicone textured nubs for the clitoral stimulation, to be worn by your beloved white knight and scream your pleasure to the world.

Lovehoney Royal Wedding Vibrating Love Ring gold
Lovehoney Royal Wedding Vibrating Love Ring

You’re not even spoilt for choice since you can have both the rings to the price of one, available in limited edition for the passionate lovers who want to seal their commitment with a royal touch.

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