sexting with emojy

A lesbian sex toy is hiding in you emojis

I’m currently writing a post about how the myopic and misleading sexual education that schools have been trying to sell us for years is failing to prepare future women and future men able to build a positive, happy, confident, fun and fulfilling sexual life. About the fact that sex ed has to extend its vocabulary in order to include terms such as Clitoris, Orgasm and Pleasure. About how fundamental it is that it drops the blinders and stops presenting heterosexuality as the only acceptable norm and denying the existence of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex and asexual people, fuelling fear, rejection and discrimination.

What I didn’t suspect is that we’re also settling for a basic and poor sexting.
I’m not talking about the unsolicited dick pics sent by womanizer-wannabes craving for amazement ?, validation ? and steamy return texts ?. I’m referring to the endless strings of eggplants ?, bananas ?, squirting droplets ? and peaches ? that translate ‘I’m into anal sex‘ into ‘I can’t wait to slip my eggplant into your peach-shaped butt and get droplets out of your vagina‘.
For ages, we’ve had the chance to keep sexting cultural. All we had to do was using the long-nosed angry Goblin emoji wisely ?.

Actually, this part of culture is not for everyone but rather a lesbian prerogative: the frowning evil who populates our emoji keyboards since 2015 is, in fact, a mask that was historically used during lesbian sex.

The emoji comes from a Tengu mask, inspired by legendary creatures in Japanese iconography worshipped in various religious cults.

The same mask was used as a sex toy in a 17th-century portrayal of sapphic lovemaking. Fort this breath of intellectual air we have to thank Whores of Yore, the Twitter account that posted the picture of a shunga (Japanese erotic art) woodblock printing of the same era depicting two women having sex. One of them wears a Tengu mask tied around her waist as a strap-on and penetrates her partner using its long nose. ?

They say that the flap of the butterfly’s wings ?can result in a hurricane halfway around the globe ?.
So I like to think that this small and seemingly harmless fragment of digital knowledge might shake up the sexual literacy and the global geopolitical balance.

My mind is projecting into a future of a flash growth ? in Japanese GDP thanks to the sale of Tengu masks to the lesbo community, and mums stopping on the sidewalk during a pride parade ? to explain to their kids that nope, gays aren’t devilish and perverse creatures and that those red frowning masks worn by lesbians come from an ancient fascinating artistic culture originating in the Land of the Rising Sun ??.

Okay, we all know that things would take another direction; that the Chinese knockoffs of the masks would knock Nipponese competitors out of the market and the only cultural widening would turn into a new PornHub category of bizarre videos featuring lesbians wearing Pinocchio masks as a strap-on.

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