Vernissage per 15 anni di LELO alla True Art Gallery
LELO 15 anni: Open Day Milano True Art Gallery

LELO’s first 15 years: Luxury Sex Toys, Art and Burlesque

On October 25, in Milan, there was the LELO Open Day, the Italian event celebrating the brand’s first 15 years.

We had the honour to be invited as guests along with other bloggers, influencers and media.

It was an elegant and sensuous vernissage in perfect unmistakable LELO style, arranged in the True Art Gallery exhibition space that, for a few hours, filled up with the Swedish brand’s stunning silicone creations.

Among the objects exhibited, selected from the most iconic, the bestsellers and some special editions, a place of honour was naturally reserved for her: the Anniversary Line, – LELO’s 15 years’ celebratory suitcase filled with 12 limited edition pleasure objects.

LELO Anniversary Collection - Limited edition sex toys suitcase
LELO Anniversary Line

There’s only 1000 of them: 800 in black zinc and 200 in pink with premium 18K rose gold. We have the edition en rose, that we admired, photographed (here), tested and (almost) reviewed (here).

Obviously, there was also SONA, the sonic clitoral massager (here’s our review: LELO SONA Cruise, the rock star of female pleasure) that just celebrated its 1st Anniversary with incredible discounts.

lelo sona acceso
LELO Sona Cruise, sonic waves clitoral massager

A special mention should go to the Tiani 24k edition – the vibrating couples’ massager that can be worn internally by the woman during intercourse – featuring a ring of 24k gold laser-engraved with a unique serial number.

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The event was also an occasion to meet in flesh and blood many of the people from the blogosphere that contribute to the Italian conversation around sexuality and pleasure and that were just digital faces and bodies inside their social media boxes until the day before.
We also delivered (real) hugs profusely to the Italian LELO’s PR people and some representatives coming directly from the HQ.

The guests were entertained and delighted by no less than Ella Bottom Rouge, amazing Burlesque performer who brought a wave of charming and delicate eroticism during two different surprise moments of exuberant sensuality.

Burlesque di Ella Bottom Rouge
Ella Bottom Rouge Burlesque performance

There was also pleasure for the palate, that was titillated by a selection of superfine and scrumptious finger food (chocolate-covered strawberries included).

My personal experience of the LELO Open Day flew quickly away without even realizing it.
The rare times I wasn’t chatting passionately with old and new acquaintances, I was wandering around the gallery to touch, switch on/off and hold all the LELO toys. But most of all, I had my fingers into the F1s, the newest luxury sex toy specifically designed for male pleasure.

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It’s the object that makes you wish you had a penis: a super soft touch silicone sleeve enclosed in an aluminium body.
F1s combines conventional vibrations with sonic waves, the same of the SONA that are able to stimulate deep and enhance sensations.

We often say masturbation allows to know your own body better and to learn how it responds to different stimulation. F1s brings this knowledge to a new level thanks to its 10 internal sensors able to monitor and control every session of pleasure.

Le Sex en Rose al vernissage per i 15 anni di LELO
Me in my fuzzy sweater, looking like a hot pink ostrich

It must be recognised that LELO, besides having put together an enjoyable and intriguing event in Italy (which isn’t something obvious nor banal), revolutionised the sex toys world at a time when most of the pleasure objects were phallic-shaped and dead-skin-coloured.

In these 15 years, LELO manufactured safe, elegant, innovative and functional toys that encouraged people (mostly women) all over the world to take care of their own sexual pleasure and wellbeing getting rid of shame and cultural constraints.

The ongoing research on materials, design and technology, identifies the brand that, for our part, also leads the planet in terms of best vibrations ever tried.

Happy Birthday, LELO!

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