LELO SMART WAND™ Medium: the white magic of pleasure

A precious total white packaging drives the hands through selected layers of different materials and textures to the discovery of an elegant, finely curved massager coated with an irresistible silky silicone.

This is how the SMART WAND™ by LELO shows up, being the luxury and clever interpretation of the wand, which is the body massager lent to the sex toy world.

lelo smart wand medium ivory packaging

Different from the mains powered vibrating tennis ball grafted on a rudimentary rigid plastic handle which overheats after 25 minutes. This is how the first, original and famous Magic Wand showed up in the early ’70s: manufactured by the Japanese Hitachi as an effective back massager; used and glorified by the first American female consumers as a prodigious clitoris vibrator. 

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From that moment on, the sex toy companies started cloning phallic shaped vibrators which claim to be back massagers while attempting to replicate the sales success of the original.

From the start of my journey in search of pleasure, I always looked at the wand with scepticism and never found a reason to choose a pretentious back neck massager over the toys openly designed for the clitoris stimulation and modelled in compact, handy and sinuous shapes following the female anatomy.
That enjoyment, a bit too evident, showed off by the stars of the well-known porn videos listed under the ‘Toys’ category didn’t look to me like a sufficiently reliable evidence.
Just like the reviews, screaming of pleasure, written by the sex bloggers who refer to themselves as Power Queens and celebrate the power of some wands’ insistently penetrating vibrations never completely convinced me.
I’m more sensitive to the search for quality design, materials and technology rather than to the number of vibrations per minute.

Even though I still don’t know why the other wands should be used, the reason for choosing the Smart Wand magically got revealed the moment it cast its spell coming into contact with my body. Now, after repeated and accurate trials, I’m ready to share it with you.

But first, let me premise that no wand was wasted for relieving back pain and relaxing sore muscles, but only and exclusively for finding (sexual) pleasure.

lelo smart wand medium marble

The Smart Wand is, evidently, the only wand with an elegant, delicate and refined design, and, secretly, a perfect and clever combo of material, shape and technology.

Material: the silicone of pleasure

The coating of body-safe silicone surprisingly smooth, soft and silky, is the unmistakable Lelo signature. If you never tried a toy from this brand before, you’re going to spend long minutes just to contemplate its extraordinary softness with your hands.
There are no textures, ridges or material overlaps breaking the magic spell.
This silicon is easy to clean and doesn’t attract dust and lint. Just keep it away from silicone-based lubricants (they could damage the material) and into its storage pouch to preserve it. (All the instructions are in the User Manual)

Shape: curve follows emotion

During a phase in the history of industrial design, the rule ‘form follows function‘ led a rational design process to develop objects focusing on their purposes rather than their aesthetics.

Since Lelo has started modelling objects for pleasure, the design of sex toys seems to have entered a more romantic era of ‘form follows emotion‘.

The refined Smart Wand design is a result of this revolution.
The delicate curve, designed to facilitate the arm to reach the sore spots on the back, helps the hand to lead the wand to the aroused areas of female pleasure, where the handle becomes a gentle support and is reached by the sweet residual vibrations.

The shape is also deliciously effective thanks to the vibration: practically perfect in every way.


The vibrations look different from those firm, buzzy and fast-paced of the other toys for the clitoris. They remain gentle and softly rumbling at all intensities, running from the head to the handle, masterfully harmonised to generate a symphony of pleasure.

The Smart Wand’s magic power is to transport you to another planet without you doing anything: the journey to pleasure starts pressing the + button and making yourself comfortable.

lelo smart wand medium button

Let the Wand become the extension of your hand, sliding it beyond the foot of Mons Venus, to reach the hills between the labia majora: here is where the magic happens and the Wand proves its smartness.

The curvature turns into an extended support for the clitoris and the area behind, guiding the vibrations to all the exact spots where you want them, simultaneously.

If you’re not in a hurry, all you have to do to be carried to destination is to stay still and maintain contact: the vibrations never get annoying, not even on the long-distance trips.

If you like to take alternative routes you can play with 8 vibration patterns by pressing the middle button. But don’t ask me where this journey takes you, cause this is one of those functions I barely use, like the Christmas lights changing patterns: once taken out of the box, just to check that everything works; and, in the case of the Smart Wand, a second time just to test the vibrations’ effect on the water.

lelo smart wand medium ivory waterproof

The + and buttons allow to increase and lower the vibration strength: the lowest is so quite that makes the wand look dying (with disappointment by the power queens); the highest is pleasingly intense. Hold them together for 5 seconds to activate the Travel Lock and avoid an unintended activation of the wand.

The Smart Wand Medium‘s reduced size is also perfect for the pleasure pursuit along with a travel companion. Hold it between you and the mattress while you’re facedown, or between yours and you partner’s body to multiply the feelings of pleasure.

(Almost) smart technology – SenseTouch™ setting

Lelo introduced the SenseTouch™ setting to simulate the professional massage technique. Pressing the middle button for 3-5 seconds you activate the touch sensors in the tip which allow the vibration strength to gradually build as soon as the wand comes in contact with the body. However, the strength doesn’t increase or decrease in proportion to the pressure on the skin but goes from low to high in a few seconds depending on the fact that the Wand is kept away from or in contact with the body. Personally, I wouldn’t consider this feature as a decisive factor for the purchase.

Smart technology – Waterproof design

lelo smart wand medium bath

The first thing I did when I picked up the Smart Wand (and tried all the vibration patterns), was to soak it in a bathtub full of water to enjoy a relaxing bath scented with the Lelo’s soap roses (after trying again all the vibration patterns).

The second thing was to read other reviews and learn that hardly anyone’s trusted the ‘100% Waterproof‘ promise, concerned that the charging port was too large and uncovered.

My Wand is still fully functioning and smart, ready for other underwater adventures.

Big and small brain

The Smart Wand is available in two sizes inexplicably labelled as Medium and Large (most likely Small and Giant), and 3 colours (Plum, Ivory White, Black).
They both come complete with charger, pouch, instruction manual, warranty registration card and a sample of lube.

lelo smart wand medium pouch

The Smart Wand Medium (12.0 x 3.2 x 2.4in., 13.9oz.) is easy to handle, light, portable and extremely versatile, perfect even during the couple moments. The vibrations are exquisitely gentle and effective. Price: £119.

The Large version (8.7 x 2.3 x 1.7in., 5.5oz.) produces less targeted and more intense vibrations (pride of the power queens). It comes with a charger different from the Lelo regular one, a neoprene pouch and a bottle of Lelo’s sex toy cleaner. The head can accommodate any attachment meant for the Hitachi Magic Wand for the stimulation of several spots. Price: £169.

The choice between sizes is really personal and depends on the type of use and the vibration strengths you like more. After testing (and testing again) the Medium, I’d say that, in this case, size doesn’t matter. Even if I’m still curious to test the Large and being power queen for a day.

Regardless of the size, the Smart Wand is the kind of toy that shouldn’t be missing from your sex toy drawer, whether it’s the first, the only or one of many. And the reason is as simple as it is revealing:


The Smart Wand is like a vibrating table edge. And some foam and a little tape won’t make it less desirable.


Finally, a necessary and honest plaudit goes to Lelo for making the Wand Smart for real without losing the Magic.

Even though something has never changed and the revolution won’t be complete until the Smart Wand keeps pretending to be a discreet back massager with the same Japanese shyness of Hitachi. I look forward to the day when Lelo will be proud of having reinvented the Wand thinking about female pleasure, with a breath of Swedish frankness.

Photographies & Video by I’M

[1] Mary Poppins, Dir. Robert Stevenson. Walt Disney, 1964. Author’s screenshot.
[2] [3] Nymphomaniac Volume II, Dir. Lars Von Trier.  2014. Author’s screenshot.


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