hand holding lelo ina wave rabbit vibrator
rabbit vibrator ina wave by lelo, the brand of luxury sex toys

Review: INA Wave by LELO, the rabbit with an extra oomph

What you’re looking at is the ultimate vibrator that ‘changes everything’ and starts ‘a new era of orgasm’ assuring ‘an overwhelming blended climax’.
Or at least that’s what LELO says in the video introducing INA Wave, the streamlined, velvety, colourful version of the rabbit vibrator; with no ears, no nose, but with an extra oomph.

lelo ina wave in the packaging on the vulva

The rabbit is the dual-action vibrator featuring two shafts, one bigger and one smaller, designed for simultaneous vaginal and clitoral stimulation. The external stimulator attached to the shaft is usually shaped like a rabbit, with two ears and a nose to make contact with the clitoris’s centre.

After being featured on a Sex And The City episode as new Charlotte’s addiction, the rabbit elected itself women’s favourite vibrator and sex toy manufacturer started launching clones of vibrating bunnies on the market.

INA Wave is not like any other rabbit: in addition to making the right spots vibrate, it simulates the movement of an expert hand sliding the fingers to the G-spot, massaging tirelessly, while the thumb is stimulating the clitoris. The extra oomph is called WaveMotion and it’s LELO’s new technology that makes the insertable shaft move up and down.

When I received my INA Wave I was curious to try what happened to be my first rabbit. After unpacking and seeing it in action in my hand, I cautiously placed it back in the drawer and then pulled out just to observe it moving and possibly touch it (if you’re familiar with LELO’s super soft silicone, you know why). Partly because after trying the Smart Wand it immediately became my favourite sex toys; and partly because the extra oomph that LELO calls a ‘come-hither’ motion worked more like a reverse gear for me. As I stared at the shaft moving up and down, I imagined my vulva getting ‘eaten’ between the two tips. Until my better half hid my wand and drove me to a close encounter with INA Wave.

hand turning on lelo ina wave rabbit vibrator

Love at first gear

If it isn’t obvious, I have a thing for external massagers (like these) which I prefer to internal ones: I find them versatile (perfect for couples’ play), not intrusive and able to get straight to the point (read orgasm).
If I wanted to make friends with my new INA Wave, all I could do was start with the innocuous and small clitoral arm.

INA Wave features 10 settings which allow you to activate the vibrations in the main shaft and the clitoral stimulator separately and turn on/off the waving motion.

Here’s a tip: if you want to figure out the differences between the modes, increase the vibration intensity to the maximum level by holding down the + button, otherwise, they all look the same.

I grabbed my new rabbit and put the first mode in: clitoral arm vibrations, low intensity, WaveMotion off. With this setting, INA Wave is deliciously quiet and discreet.
Then I turned it upside down and placed the main shaft between the labia minora, externally, letting the smaller tip vibrate on the clitoris.
And it was love.
At its lowest intensity, LELO’s soft vibration had already won me over (that Smart Wand was a matchmaker), but it outdid itself combined with the small size of the clitoral arm and a punctual pressure. I ended up several times putting the rabbit back in the drawer, fulfilled, without actually using any other function.

hand holding lelo ina wave rabbit sex toy

Gear shift: passage through the tunnel

My second step was sliding the main shaft internally, letting the smaller tip do its work on the clitoris. Driving mode: clitoral arm + G-spot shaft vibrations, medium to low intensity, WaveMotion off.
In this case, the driving pleasure is given by the main shaft’s shape: the size of the internal stimulator increases from the rounded tip to reach a quite large diameter making the orgasm intensely pleasant; then it gets smaller at the base, allowing the main shaft to be surrounded by the vaginal walls.

I enjoy the insertion of the first half of the shaft, but when it comes to going deeper, I have to deal with some minor discomfort. This is not dependent on the rabbit but rather on my personal anatomy and it tends to decrease right before reaching orgasm.
My advice is to use a lubricant to make the insertion easier, and here the rule is always the same: silicone doesn’t get along with silicone (it may damage the material surface), so use a water-based product.

Driving faster on dangerous waves

Once bonding with my rabbit, the final step to get intimate was letting the LELO’s waves motion lead me to pleasure.

Driving mode: clitoral arm + G-spot shaft continuous vibrations, medium to low intensity, WaveMotion On, but only once the rabbit is positioned inside of me and the lubrication makes everything run smooth.

With this configuration, the roar of INA Wave’s motor raises its voice turning into some background noise that, at least at the beginning, works like a distracting element lowering the level of romance in the air.

The first time I turned on the waving, it took me a moment to let my body adapt to a whole new sensation and have the previous state of arousal restored.

I found it was essential to hold the base firmly with the hand in order to stop the rabbit from moving in all directions losing control and feeling pain.

While I was trying the rabbit waving, I had the feeling that the tip was precisely, specifically, exactly stimulating the G-spot, in a way unlike anything I ‘ve ever tried before. That’s why I think INA Wave may be the best playmate for all fans of vaginal penetration. Not that good for me, being loyal and faithful to clitoral stimulation (at least when it comes to vibrating toys). Even if I’m able to reach pleasant orgasms with the rabbit, I end up dealing with slight interior pain that fades away completely only once I’m really close to reaching my destination. So the journey happens to be a little less enjoyable and more like driving on a dirt road.

girl in bath robe holding lelo ina wave rabbit vibrator

Here’s where my review ended before the last try, when things took a turn.

I turned on the rabbit, set the continuous vibration to medium intensity, I leaned it against my body, then I slid it gradually inside of me, taking care to hold it firmly in order to maintain the same orientation, then finally I turned on the WaveMotion. And it was orgasm. Roughly in the same time it took you to read these 3 rows. Maybe a little longer, but I think I set a speed record. The only flaw was not having enough time to select the vibration/waving setting I wanted.

Dear LELO designers, the day you allow users to customize the mode sequence you’ll conquer the world. You’re welcome.

Closing remarks with the motor off

I think I’ve been able to really enjoy the prodigies of the rabbit only when I left the driver’s seat and got the passenger’s one, making the toy drive me to pleasure, trusting its skills as a pilot, without the mistrust that makes you grab the handle above the window with one hand and the handbrake with the other one.

I’ve never been a fan of discontinuous vibrations that change intensity following a repeating cycle, because I find they make the stimulation appear mechanical and unnatural; I like to think I have control of the toy and I can decide on its motion, direction, intensity to follow the rhythm of my body (and not the one of the motor inside the vibrator), the feelings and the perception of the moment. That’s why I deemed the WaveMotion technology to be equally artificial and I tried to control it, with little result.

INA Wave does all the work for you, but only if it’s set correctly. It’s kind of like driving a manual transmission car on a straight road where, instead of clutch/gear shift/throttle, you have to check vibration/intensity/motion, with no need for the steering wheel.

If I wanted to make a romantic choice, I’d pull a simpler toy, with fewer settings, out of the drawer, taking as long as I need to enjoy the journey and slowly lead me to my destination.

If I wanted to pick a toy based on effectiveness and efficiency, then the winner would be INA Wave.

hand holding rabbit vibrator lelo ina wave

Rabbit or not rabbit?

INA Wave can give you lots of satisfaction, but it’s not for everyone.

It’s not recommended as first toy: it’s better to opt for a simpler sex toy, clitoral or vaginal. For those who don’t want to miss the chance to ride the waves of pleasure, there’s MONA Wave: the only other vibrator with WaveMotion technology, but only for internal stimulation.
For vibration experts, fans of vaginal penetration, G-spot seekers and rabbit extremists: INA Wave is the ultimate vibrator.
For the howlers of the clitoris team (including myself): this is the vibrator you have to add to the collection of external ones in order to boost the umpteenth clitoral orgasm with G-spot stimulation.

Like every other LELO sex toy, the price (€ 179) is not small and affects the purchasing choice.
Like every other LELO sex toy, the price is justified by high quality and research on materials and design. LELO’s silicone needs no introduction: it’s super soft, body-safe and seamless; the shape is ergonomically designed to suit the body’s natural curves and to be easy to handle; the full impermeability allows to extend the pleasure of a warm bath.

INA Wave is a luxury sex toy wrapped in an elegant packaging, complete with standard LELO charger, a sample of moisturizer, (useful) user manual, and black satin pouch. It comes in three colours: Cerise, Plum, Ocean Blue.

lelo ina wave vibrator rabbit on the bed

The other rabbits by LELO:
INA 2: aesthetically very similar to INA Wave but devoid of WaveMotion technology.
SORAYA: it’s the rabbit’s classy version par excellence.

Driving lesson: interface

Every time I receive a new sex toy to test I ignore the user manual skipping the theory and going straight to practice. That’s why I really understood how the rabbit works only after countless tests. So I suggest you open the booklet or keep reading because there’s something you need to know before you take the wheel.

Turn on INA Wave by pressing the button on the middle of the interface until the light turns on.

Vibration intensity
Hold down the + and – buttons to increase or decrease the vibration intensity. The intensity range is very broad, suitable for both power queens and mild-mannered girls.

Stimulation modes
Press the up and down arrows to cycle through all the modes combining continuous or discontinuous vibrations with the ‘come-hither’ motion (which for me is ‘I eat you’). I suggest you try all the patterns on your hand first (remember to increase the vibration intensity to the maximum level by holding down the + button!) and to memorise, in broad terms, what pattern comes before so as not to accidentally switch on the waving at a bad time.
LELO automatically remembers and saves the last stimulation setting you were last using.

Lock setting
Hold down the + and – buttons for 3 seconds to lock/unlock the rabbit in order to prevent its accidental activation. Charging will automatically unlock the vibrator.

Have a safe trip!

lelo ina wave packaging

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