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LELO Anniversary Collection – Review in progress

After staring at it, bringing it into a Yurt tent (here the experience, if you missed it), photo shooting at it, disassembling it and reassembling it, it’s time to move onto the practice stage and turn this triumph of silicone, leather and pink gold into pleasure for the body.

Here’s the review of every piece of the LELO Anniversary Collection, tested and reviewed day by day.


LELO Avvinersary Collection Volonte massaggiatore
Volonte Massager

Volonte is the vibrator. Period. The one that doesn’t need instructions to be handled: phallic shape and buttons to set the vibration intensity and mode.

Volonte is the name of LELO’s blog, where you can find the latest about the new products, sex tips and tons of erotic stories.


The material is the body-safe, velvety and easy-to-clean silicone characterising all the toys branded LELO. The metal handle has rose gold finishing and includes the 3-button interface: + and – to turn on/off the motor and to increase/reduce the vibration strength, and a third button to cycle through 8 stimulation modes. The insertable shaft has a diameter of 3cm and a length of 13.15 cm, that might be too much/too little or just fine depending on everyone’s anatomy.

My experience

Volonte has a very straight shape that looks wonderful, super minimalist and elegant, but that’s not really vagina-oriented.
I’m not a big fan of insertable vibrators, so I hadn’t many expectations. As a clitoral massager, I’ve nothing to say: LELO vibration is still my favourite on the list so, even if Volonte is not specifically designed for external use, the clit (and the whole body) rejoices in the reverberation. I also tried to use it for its main purpose but the shape, combined with the stiffness, feels uncomfortable and not so suitable for the vaginal anatomy.

I also remain unconvinced by the buttons. The fact they are 3 and you can control the vibration intensity and mode separately and intuitively (without having to memorise preset combinations) is smart and functional. Problem is, the 3 buttons have the exact same shape (design’s always flawless), so it’s basically impossible to distinguish them while you’re using the toy, especially in a scenario with low light, no glasses, and emotional transportation.

I liked the metal handle because it feels warmer in the hand over time. Playing with the temperature can be fun and add another kind of stimulation.

And yet, it’s incredibly beautiful.


LELO Avvinersary Collection frusta flogger
Jarlsgatan flogger

Jarlsgatan is the most sophisticated, elegant flogger I’ve ever seen.

It’s named for a street in Stockholm city centre, where everything started, 15 years ago, when 3 designers wondered why not to make the most intimate items as beautiful as the ones we display proudly every day. Today, LELO has offices across the world but Sweden remains its spiritual home and the origin of the sensitivity every toy is soaked in.


Jarlsgatan has a carbon fibre handle with metal tips coated in pink gold and leather tails. The flogger can be separated in two parts by unscrewing the top handle.

My experience

LELO’s flogger is the perfect gentle and discreet accessory for who’s thinking to tiptoe (in style) into BDSM world. You can let the tails caress the skin or swing the flogger to strike soft of hard some areas of the body.
The short tails (compared to these longer ones) allow a better control of the strike and prevent you from accidentally hitting wrong parts of the body.

As I’ve been told in a disco occasionally set up for a bondage/spanking/flogging workshop, a good quality flogger’s tails stay grouped together when approaching the target.

Jarlsgatan is very delicate and enjoyable. Even when you put more speed and strength into the strike, the tips fall on the skin tickling and stinging without causing a real pain and without leaving marks (at least on me, that also depends on which part you go hit and how sensitive is your skin).

That allows you to use the flogger either on less sensitive areas like the butts or on the genital areas and the breasts, always controlling the motion and so the stimulation intensity.

Advice for newbies

If it’s your first time with a flogger, practice on yourself first in order to test the intensity of the strike. You usually try it by hitting your wrist which is a very sensitive area.

Better to start gradually from slow gentle strikes and then ask the partner if you can build up to faster and harder strikes: everyone’s tolerance to pain is unique.

Alternate strikes with caresses and other kinds of play so to let the skin relax and keep it sensitive to every following strike.

Start by hitting safe areas of the body like the buttocks or the upper part of the back.

Keep the motion of the flogger in your wrist rather than your forearm so to better control the intensity.

Jarlsgatan is available only as part of the LELO Anniversary Collection but I found a similar flogger on LELO’s website: you can find it here.


Kie eye mask

Kie is the eye mask to play with sensory deprivation in pairs (trio, group.. the more the merrier, they say). Losing the sense of sight, the other senses get heightened.
It’s named for the coffee drunk around LELO’s offices, which is fuel for creativity.


The mask is made of leather with metal details that make her look like a pair of handcuffs through the x-ray scanner at the airport (I had to pull it out of the luggage to prove I had only a pair of handcuffs). A metal buckle allows you to select your desired fit.

My experience

My experience with the mask was rather brief and not so intense. The circumference of my head doesn’t match with the mask. To be able to place the metal notch into the hole that would allow the mask to adhere to my face and stay put, I should tighten it too much ending up feeling the pressure of the metal details against my eyebrows. If I leave it loose, it tends to slide down my face because of the weight.

I went peeking into LELO’s website again, looking for an alternative just as elegant as Kie and I found Intima, a soft pure silk adjustable blindfold.


Sense Dual Massager

Sense is the dual-action rabbit vibrator designed to give simultaneous stimulation to the G-spot area and the clitoris.
The design is the same as the other iconic rabbits in the LELO collection: Ina and Ina Wave. The difference is in the WaveMotion feature that’s responsible for the finger-like ‘come-hither’ motion of Ina Wave’s shaft.


The features are the same as the other vibrators of the Anniversary Collection: body-safe, velvety and easy-to-clean pink silicone; rose gold handle; 3-button interface: + and – to turn on/off the motor and to increase/reduce the vibration strength, and a third button to cycle through 8 stimulation modes.

My experience

I already fell in love with Ina Wave (here‘s my review), so it couldn’t be any other way with Sense. Actually, it’s not that easy to find a rabbit vibrator matching with a person’s anatomy and able to simultaneously give pleasure to both the pleasure spots (g-spot area and the clitoris). Given the huge variety of shapes and sizes, it’s not hard to end up with a rabbit that feels uncomfortable when inserted or that reaches the clit perfectly but not the vaginal area or vice versa.
In my case, it looks like every detail of the rabbit is designed to dialogue with my anatomy in all the languages of the world.
Like in every other LELO toy, the low-intensity vibrations are very gentle and delicate, making the rabbit quite versatile: I enjoy the clitoral arm vibration so much that I often use the rabbit just for the external stimulation of the vulva.
Compared to the Ina Wave, the interface is more intuitive, thanks also to the fact that Sense comes without the WaveMotion technology. The only downside is the exact same shape of each of the three buttons that make them indistinguishable to the touch.
Obviously, it’s incredibly beautiful and delightfully quiet.


Lelo Anniversary Collection Piumino Cannes
Cannes Feather Teaser

Cannes is where LELO screened, during the 68th Cannes Film festival, its short film Beyond the Wave, the first film ever produced by a sex toy company (but that does not feature any sex toys or intimate accessories).
Set in a post-apocalyptic future, the story explores the importance of communication in a time of increasing self-interest and wants to encourage couples to connect both with the story and through the act of watching the movie itself.
The short film is designed to do what LELO does every day with its toys: bring people together.
Today Cannes is also the name of the Anniversary Collection’s feather teaser.


Feathers aside, Cannes has the same features as the flogger: carbon fibre handle with metal tips coated in pink gold; it can also be separated in two parts by unscrewing the top handle.


Thanks to the extreme lightness and softness, it makes you listen to your body and every single thrill and tickle. A teaser feather is one of those toys that involve in a slow and measured role play that demands time and attention, forcing the partners to tune the rhythm of their pleasure and focus on each other sensations.
LELO classic collection includes a similar feather teaser called Tantra.


Lelo Anniversary Collection manette Elena
Elena Shackles

Elena is the name of the woman who, 15 years ago, in Stockholm, inspired LELO’s founders to look into engineering a pleasure product for the woman who seemingly has it all.

Elena handcuffs are made entirely of metal with rose gold finishing and they come with an Alice in Wonderland-style key.

The handcuffs are fully adjustable and suitable for my teeny-tiny wrist. Metal’s temperature variation adds sensations and stimulation to the pleasure game. The downside is that probably you don’t want to scratch every surface of your furniture so it’s better to use both the handcuffs to tie the wrist together and to restrict the submissive’s movements.
As to the usability, Elena handcuffs are @imtheph.proof (let’s just say dexterity is not his strong suit, except when it comes to press the shutter button to shoot stunning pictures and to take care of my pleasure).
You can unlock the handcuffs using the key or pressing and holding the groove on the bottom of each shackle.
The only way you can have these metal handcuffs is to get one Anniversary Collection set. Otherwise, you can choose between the two models available in LELO classic collection: Etherea, a pair of pure silk cuffs with suede leather inserts, separated from one another, or Sutra, pure silk cuffs linked by a metal chain and a band.

Photo shooting directed by I’M the PH, shot together with Alessandro Altavilla

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