A seven-days long quickie (news): Ireland says ‘Yes’ to abortion, new Swedish law states that without consent it’s rape, Bop It! toy takes a sexual turn…

A brief overview of what’s happened over the last week #InSearchOfPleasure.

Ireland says ‘Yes’ to abortion reform

On May 25th Ireland has voted ‘Yes’ overturning the abortion ban by 66.4% to 33.6%.
Under the hashtag #HomeToVote, expats from all over the world shared photos and stories from airports, planes, cars and trains telling about their journey home to vote.

Without Consent, it’s rape – new Swedish law

Sweden has passed a new law that recognizes sex without consent as rape and requires people to obtain clear verbal or physical consent before to engage in a sexual act. It also states that passivity is not a sign of agreeing to sex.

German firefighters trained to deal with sex toy emergencies

In Dresden, more than 600 firefighters were taught how to remove penis rings and anal plugs stuck in hard to reach places.
The special training was really necessary considering the recent incidents emergencies due to the creative use of homemade sexual toys: crochet needles stuck in the urethra; a penis trapped in the neck of a bottle and another stuck in the central hole of a five-pound iron weigh; an apple stuck up the bottom.

Bop It! – Then rub on it, suck on it, ride on it, plug on it, and pound on it

The childhood Bop-It toy commanding “Flick it! Pull it! Twist it!” is turning into a spiral of pleasure, a “gender inclusive toy to bring your lewd gaming experience to the next level”. The adult game maker Nutaku is working on Flick ‘N’ Jerk, a 4-in-1 wheel of sexual stimulation in the ninja-star shape that meres a stroker, a dildo, a vibrator and a butt plug.

Stoya speaks about pornography, #metoo and SESTA-FOSTA law during the Wired Next Fest in Italy

Stoya, pornographic actress, producer and director, was invited to the Wired Next Fest, the Italian festival celebrating science, technology and innovation, to talk about the contamination between pornography and every aspect of life other than sexuality.
Go watch the video of the interview because it’s the ultimate portrayal of Italian prejudice, superficiality and false prudery when it comes to sexuality.
The opening line “The next guest is a pornstar but […]” is just a prelude to the prejudice through which the interviewer will address Stoya in a blur of questions spit out in poor English.

With smartness, endless patience and brilliant sense of humour Stoya provided an overview of pornography in today’s world and talked about the SESTA-FOSTA bill putting sex workers at risk.

She also talked about ZeroSpaces.com, her freshly launched sexually explicit media project that “aims at the gap between “mainstream” and erotic or explicit material, and fosters a connection to the people—the living, breathing humans—who create the work that is consumed.”

Sense8 won “Moral foreign TV show”

at the Italian Diversity Media Awards that recognise outstanding representations of the LGBT community in media.

Save the quickie – The World’s Largest Orgy

On Saturday, June 2nd, at Las Vegas’ Erotic History Museum, more than 1,000 people are expected to break the world record for the largest orgy in human history. The event is part of Menage Life’s Sin City 8, a five-day festival of sex parties, sex workshops, and other sexy sex things.
The current (documented) record was set in Japan in 2006 when 500 people (250 couples) had sex in the same room getting filmed to produce the award-winning adult video 500 Person Sex.
There won’t be a Guinness World Records Adjudicator on-site for the event, so the orgy will be for pleasure and not for competition. The organisation invites you all to cum and you can register here.

Image source: theguardian.com

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