Iroha+ Tori: the minimalist bird who chirps to clitoris – Review

For those who are not familiar with the Japanese brand of sex toys (it’s imperative to remedy immediately!), Iroha is the female spin-off of Tenga, the brand that contributed to revolutionising the perception and experience of male masturbation by raising penis toys’ quality, design and functionality. [Read the Flip 0 and Flex reviews about two of the male pleasure toys by Tenga tested by my husband]

Like her older brother Tenga, Iroha applied the research in materials and shapes that dialogue with the human body, along with a refined, elegant design, to female sex toys industry, forging body-safe and functional vibrating sculptures that please the eye and the vulva 🙂

Iroha’s Family

Iroha+ is the evolution of the first line of sex toys for clitoral stimulation born under the name Iroha.

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Yuki, Midori and Sakura are Iroha’s first-born who redefined female pleasure experience and innovated the production standard of vibrators made of ABS plastic eventually coated with a thin layer of silicone. In 2013, Iroha gave birth to the first vibrators in super soft, squishy, squeezable polyurethane elastomer fully coated with velvety body-safe silicone. It being non-porous, dust and lint repellent and fully waterproof, Iroha toys are easy and fast to clean.

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Tori, Kushi and Yoru are the younger brothers designed with a more powerful motor, able to offer more intense vibrations, and a silicone even softer to the touch. They differ by textures and colours and look like innocent creatures belonging to a mythological natural realm of sex toys: Yoru is a miniature whale; Kushi is a classy shell; Tori is a delicate minimalist bird designed to awaken the clitoris to the chirping of vibrations.

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Packaging: a shiny nest

Tori flies from Japan in a practical packaging composed of a cardboard band wrapped around two boxes: one contains the charging USB cable and wall plug adapter, and one is where Tori sits in, quietly dormant in its shiny black ABS nest, protected by a Polycarbonate clear cover as it was a case safekeeping the most valuable masterpiece in the museum.
The nest where Tori is magnetically placed also works as a charging base and connects via USB: the two buttons controlling the sex toy serve as contact points for the charger.

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Flying on the wings of Tori

I’ve always had a problem with the things that are just too beautiful: before moving on to the use stage, I confine myself to admiring them from a distance, for fear of altering, ruining, spoiling them.
Like all the beautiful things, Tori lay on the closet shelf populated by my others toys (only the ones for casual encounters, the others are ready-to-use in the nightstand!) for a long time.

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After months, I finally decided to intrude in the quite of his nest, pick it up and go on board. But before that, I squished it, squeezed it, teased it, because that’s exactly what the material hiding underneath the silicone coating invites you to do.

Tori is shaped with rounded edges and two smooth tips, one longer than the other, to use to apply a more defined pressure and concentrate vibrations. While it is a clitoral massager for external use, the tips can lightly insinuate for a deeper pleasure.

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I found my travelling comfort by holding Tori face down on my vulva, pressed on the clitoris, with the vibration set to the lowest intensity.

The 2 buttons on the underside allow to cycle through 5 vibration strengths and 2 rhythm patterns. They are identical, so it’s easy to get confused between + and – in the middle of the ride, at risk of being slowed down or speeded up just when you were looking for the opposite effect.

In my case, the solution is pretty simple: it’s forbidden to touch the buttons once the flight coordinates are set.

I personally find the vibration of Iroha toys very buzzing and penetrating (and not really silent), so I’m able to use them only when they’re set to the lowest intensity, in order to avoid potential discomfort and numbness in case of a prolonged use (I had the same feeling while using the Iroha Mini portable vibrator: read my review here).
But don’t be alarmed, I belong to another species, I’m just a fish out of water: if you read almost every other review except mine, you’ll only find odes to the vibration intensity written by fulfilled sex bloggers.

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The interface: how to set the flight coordinates

Press and hold the + button to turn Tori on and the – button to put him to sleep.
By pressing + and – you can cycle through the vibration modes: after the last pattern, by pressing +, you get back to the first one and vice versa.

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Iroha flies high

I have to make a final point about the Iroha + sex toys’ selling price, which is high but also justified. All the toys of this line emerge from a design process strongly focused on quality, comfort, practicality, user-friendliness and styling, all features that undoubtedly have an impact on the price. Calling them ‘vibrators’ or ‘sex toys’ is simplistic: they are wonderful objects that gently interact with body and sight, discreetly entering feminine intimacy without being intrusive.

My honest advice to all who are looking for a first sex toy or vibrator is to start playing with a less expensive toy of the same brand, like the Iroha Mini, equally high in quality. Once it has passed your satisfaction test, you’ll be ready to make the leap and leave the nest!

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Tori Size L102mm×W50mm×H40mm | L4″xW2″xH1.6″
Packaged Size L99mm×W99mm×H116mm | L3.9″xW3.9″xH4.6″
Product Weight 86g | 3oz
Continuous Running Time Approx. 60 minutes (Full Power)
Recharging Time Approx. 120 minutes
Waterproof (Up to 50cm/20″”)
5 vibration strengths and 2 rhythm patterns

Packaging Content: Tori, Charging Case with clear lid and recharging base, USB Cable, Wall Plug Adapter, User Manual (available here)

Buy Tori here

Photographies: I’M

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