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Iroha Mini review vibrator sex toys

Iroha Mini: soft heart, good vibes

Iroha Mini is a little creation by Iroha*, the brand of sex toys coming from Japan to take care of female pleasure with a new soft and sugared approach.
Every artefact marked Iroha has a refined and elegant design which delights the sight and gratifies the body by gently adhering to all curves.

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Iroha Mini is a small battery-operated vibrator for external use that fits in the palm of the hand, into the pocket, under the pillow, in the drawer and in every bag you like to put it in order to have it close at hand.

The main features can be counted on the fingers of one hand too:

  • pocket-size: it’s really small (61 x 52 x 34 mm) and light (61g) and can be brought everywhere without popping out of the bag;
  • easy-to-use: there’s a single button on the side to start and stop the single speed vibration using only one hand; the button integrates into the shape and is quite hard to press, so your Iroha Mini can’t be turned on by mistake;
  • easy battery replacement: you just have to twist the top half anticlockwise to reach the battery compartment with the single AAA battery (included and installed); the duration is estimated at 5 hours of no stop vibrations;
  • waterproof functionality: you can use it in bath or shower, since it’s water-resistant up to a depth of 50 cm (unless you have a house with swimming pool, it should be enough).

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Judging by these simple and not so ambitious premises, it certainly cannot be said that Iroha Mini is intended to be the latest multifunction technological finding came to rip out orgasms with fireworks and standing ovations.

Judging by these simple and not so ambitious premises, it certainly cannot be said that Iroha Mini is intended to be the latest multifunction technological finding came to rip out orgasms with fireworks and standing ovations.

I wonder how it could have broken the hearts of so many sex bloggers let down by a vibration considered too weak and unable to make them scream of pleasure while digging their fingernails into the mattress.

My expectations in front of such a sweet and innocent toy were certainly not those to get on an orgasmic ride and being overwhelmed by a wave of unbridled pleasure.

Iroha Mini is not the steady partner for a scheduled date night with a high-pressure after dinner, but rather a casual mate for unscheduled fleeting and lively encounters. Happy ending included.

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Don’t take the soft-hearted Iroha Mini too light-heartedly.

After first use, the seemingly simple and delicate shape shows/reveals itself for what it really is: the result of a careful and accurate design process. Every gentle curvature and every soft indentation is an invitation for the hand to firmly adhere to the toy and take control of pleasure, and for the body to let the vibrations massage it first, and melt it later.

Thanks to its playable and versatile shape, Iroha Mini can be comfortably held with one hand, and deftly rotated and inclined to direct the vibrations to the right spots. Not close, not nearby, but right there where they’re needed.

I’m sure that for every sex blogger who declares her disappointment, there’s a fulfilled designer who patiently committed herself to several tests, verifications, readjustments and other tests, in search of the perfect shape. Well done.

The quality, like all the sex toys by Iroha, is unquestionable. The finish is soft and velvety, and the anti-dust coating makes the Iroha Mini extremely easy to clean: rinse under cold or tepid water with a mild, neutral soap, dry off with a soft towel and it’s ready to use. It doesn’t get sticky and remains free of dust and lint.
It’s made of Elastomer and ABS which, unlike the silicon, can’t be sterilised in boiling water, but are suitable for use with antibacterial sex toy cleaners.
If you want to make your encounter with Iroha Mini more fluid and smooth, use water-based lubricants. All the oil or silicone based products can cause damage to the surface.

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The fresh, coloured and cute design makes this small vibrator a delightful accessory easily mistakable for a lip balm, so able to go unnoticed.
Iroha Mini comes in three colour combinations:
FUJI-LEMON purple and yellow
UME-ANZU two shades of salmon pink
SORA-MIKAN orange and pale blue

The price is affordable and proportional to the size: under 30 (£,$,€!), fair for high-quality sex toys like this. You can buy online here: Tenga’s USA or UK online store.

Aligning the expectations with the size and the claimed purpose, I think Iroha Mini is a valid and convincing toy capable of giving pleasurable adventures.
I found the vibration even more intense than what I expected. It’s pretty fast and buzzy, so after a while, it can eventually cause some annoying hand (and not only) numbness, and this is the only guilt which it can be called to account for, in my opinion. The shape allows to choose between more intense vibrations on the top, where the motor is located, or more distributed, playing with the base and the sides.

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I’d suggest it not just as a first sex toy, to all who want to start playing with vibrations avoiding to hold something unmanageable, awkward or openly phallic, but also as an evergreen toy to keep close at hand for adding vivacity to some nights alone or with the partner. During the couple moments, it’s able to discreetly interact with body parts not yet engaged with other games, without becoming a bulky third wheel.

In my personal case, this toy brings the most rewards when it’s driven by my better half’s wise and expert hand to the search of my pleasure.

It’s not the sex toy for those who don’t want to settle for just a toy but are on the lookout for a foolproof, reliable and long lasting purveyor of orgasms.

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To be completely honest, there’s something I’d change without thinking twice: the logo. The more I look at it, the more convinced I am that ‘Mini’ is written on a panty liner. But maybe it’s just about my profession, you can forget it and thinking exclusively of your pleasure.


*IROHA is the sex toys’ line for female pleasure developed by TENGA, the Japanese brand globally recognised for the manufacturing of high-quality sex toys specifically designed for male pleasure.

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