Recensione dell'originale paperella vibrante I Rub My Duckie® prodotta da Big Teaze Toys

I Rub My Duckie® – sex toy review

My approach to this toy could be defined quite lunatic

I was initially intrigued by the idea of turning the innocent floating bath duckie, starring in childhood memories and happy bath times, into a vibrant device designed to generate not so innocent feelings.

Driven by the fantasy of spicing up the baths with my beloved better half, I put the duckie into the cart of an online store.

Since it arrived after having tested bolder sex toys, once unpacked, I found myself staring at it with a mixture of suspicion and disregard, fairly certain that it would have never held a candle to all my other vibrating toys. Also, the apparently poor finishes and the not so soft-touch material played their part.

I left it on a shelf in the bathroom for a while, then I used it only once, not so much for trusting the power of the vibes but for somehow silencing the feeling of guilt.

When I finally took it back, some (a lot of) months later, to shoot some pictures, and I pressed the magic button to turn it on, I suddenly realized that I had missed some shades of that wonderful and funny object and that I had unfairly abandoned what could have been the best companion of my adult baths from the start.

So the moral of my story is: don’t underestimate it, use it!

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What I Rub My Duckie® is

Viewed from the outside, a common floating rubber duckie with a wild-eyed and flirty expression. Deep down it’s a vibrating massager (not a vibrator) for external play (= is not meant to be inserted somewhere but just to be put down somewhere).
It can be used to massage the vulva and to stimulate the clit through the vibrations.
It’s completely waterproof, so perfect to relax in the tub.

The original I Rub My Duckie® is manufactured by the American company Big Teaze Toys and comes in two sizes:

  • Classic: bigger  (5” x 3.5” x 5”), three speed variations from gentle to intense, works with two AA batteries (not included);
  • Travel-size: smaller (3” x 2” x 3”), one speed mode, works with 1 AAA battery (not included).

In addition to the classic version (available in yellow, black, purple and pink), you can go wild with several theme collections which add accessories and details to the duckie’s iconic shape:

  • Paris: inspired by the seductive atmosphere of Paris, dressed in a (removable) feathered boa with a crystal beak jewel, available in different finishes and colours;
  • Bondage: more audacious, dressed with a spiked collar and a skimpy lace corset, available in Travel-size only and three colours;
  • Pirate: adventurous pirate coming in a satin-lined treasure chest, available in Travel-size only;
  • Kitty Hoodies: the duckie dressed up like a cat, with a fuzzy hoodie worthy of the most influent fashion bloggers, available in Travel-size only.

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Few not so good vibes

The very first time I held it in my hands, I’ve had some concerns about the material (harder than expected) and the finishes (apparently poor). I have to admit that I then changed my initial perception by using it, and I haven’t detected any rough edge.

Even though it’s sold as silent, we can’t forget the fact vibrates. And the bath tube doesn’t help in limiting the noise, on the contrary.
Everything that is vibrating is noisy. No toy convinced me of the opposite so far.

How it works

Before first use, you have to overcome the laziness and equip yourself with a coin (for the Travel-size version) or a screwdriver (for the Classic one) to open the compartment where to place the batteries and move a little lever to ON position. So the duckie will be ready to use. Once you will have close everything, you can forget the screwdriver and think only of your pleasure!

To start the vibration, you have to rotate the lever under your travel duckie or push the back of your big duckie.

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All that’s left is to find the favourite curve: play with the beak, the tail, the back of your new friend in search of the perfect contact and the right stimulation.

To change the vibration intensity from gentle to medium to intense, you just have to press the back of the duckie again and again.

To stop the vibration you have to press the back for the fourth time.

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Why to have it:

  • it’s a discreet, pretty and cuddly toy, with everything it needs to let you feeling pleasant and intense sensations: it can be proudly exhibited above the bath tube or placed in the drawer near the multipurpose and high-tech sex toys with no shame.
  • it’s the best and not intrusive choice for those who want to start testing a toy for the first time.
  • it’s affordable (in the sex toys market there’s no price limit!)
  • if you change your mind after the purchase, you can use it as a piece of furniture for the bathroom.
  • if you are distracted and not so tidy you can forget it around the house without causing any shame to parents or siblings.

And yep, it takes you reaching rather pleasant orgasms (put your efforts into it, don’t let her do all the work!)

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