Fun Factory Miss Bi vibratore
Fun Factory Miss Bi vibratore rabbit a doppia azione

Fun Factory Miss Bi: the chubby rabbit – Review

Miss Bi is Fun Factory‘s interpretation of the rabbit: a rounded, smart and functional version of the dual action vibrator designed by the world-known German brand of sex toys.

The rabbit type of vibrator gained popularity 20 years ago, after appearing in Sex And The City: it’s a vibrator shaped to simultaneously stimulates G-spot and clitoral areas, with an insertable curved shaft and a smaller arm attached for external use, usually shaped like a rabbit, with two ears.
The rabbit by Fun Factory has no ears and exhibits a certain Botero-like rotundity.

Fun Factory: story of a long-lasting love

Miss Bi is the first Fun Factory sex toy I talk about in the blog, but my bond with this brand dates back to a non-suspected time when Le Sex en Rose wasn’t even an idea yet.

Fun Factory was my first time with a sex toy: my first toy ever (still up and running) was the Layaspot, an external vibrator for clitoral stimulation I bought with my better half in a bright, cozy shop of a shop gallery in Barcelona, 10 years ago, when most of the sex toys were flesh-coloured clones of penises and vaginas suffocated in rigid clear plastic packaging, hidden behind the windows of dark shops. Fun Factory was already filling the world with cute and friendly toys in funny shapes and body-safe material that don’t aim to replace genitals with vibrating surrogates but want to offer new experiences of pleasure thanks to shapes designed to stimulate specific areas of the body. By happy accident, two years later we found ourselves holding a glass of bubbly to celebrate the opening of the new Fun Factory flagship store by Karim Rashid in Berlin. Meanwhile, our fleet of sex toys was starting to grow with Little Paul, the caterpillar-shaped iconic vibrator, and after leaving the store, with a mole-shaped vibrator (now out of production) and a scented body massage candle.

Packaging vibratori Fun Factory

Blind date with a rabbit

Before I proceed to applaud Miss Bi, a short premise.

When it comes to reviewing a rabbit vibrator, it’s hard to say if it’s objectively good or to suggest a model or a brand: a good rabbit is the one that’s able to simultaneously stimulate the vulva and the vagina by hitting the right spots that give you pleasure. That doesn’t always happen, because of the variety of anatomic shapes, and sometimes the distance between the shaft and the clitoral arm just doesn’t suit the specific anatomy of every woman.

Sometimes the shaft is so long that you have to push it past the G-spot area if you want to hit the clit with the shorter arm, or you try to hit the G-spot and you end up missing the clit entirely. So you have to find a compromise or attempt positions and angles to get the best out of your vibrating toy. It wouldn’t be much of an issue except it’s nearly impossible to know if a rabbit will fit you right until you’ve already tried it and blindly invest around one hundred bucks in expectations of pleasure and orgasms.

So I hope my experience with Miss Bi can add some useful info to the ones printed on the packaging, conscious that someone won’t relate.

unpacking Fun Factory Miss Bi

Here comes Miss Bi, the chubby rabbit

Compared to most of the rabbits on the Market, Miss Bi has a less slender, willowy silhouette. The internal shaft, shaped to hit the G-spot area, is shorter, solving most of the issued I mentioned before. It starts with a quite small tip and grows larger at the base, ending with a bulge, allowing a gradual penetration and a growing pressure that makes the pelvic muscle work progressively by stimulating the area inside and around the vagina. To make a comparison, this shape is the opposite to the Lelo Ina Wave‘s, the other toy I reviewed that starts larger and gets thinner so that you have to be well on the way to being fully aroused before you can insert it (and you also need good lubrication). The insertion of Miss Bi happens gradually, keeping pace with arousal.

This shape/size combo works well for me, feeling comfortable, maybe even because, as I found out during a recent evaluation of my pelvic floor, mine is a smallish vagina. ?The clitoral arm is pretty large and flexible so to reach high enough to suit most shapes, leaning on the clitoris without putting pressure on it.

Fun Factory Miss Bi vibratore rabbit a doppia azione

Engines roar: two is better than one

Miss Bi is not like the other rabbits, there’s something that makes it special: two independent motors, one in the shaft and one in the clitoral arm, each one controlled by a different button. You can browse through the vibration modes (different for every arm) and set the intensity or the rhythm of both the internal and clitoral sections separately, and also have one of them turned off.

The internal shaft has stronger and deeper vibrations that reverberate off the clitoral shaft, making it vibrate even when its motor is turned off.

Personally, I decide if a sex toy is in or out (my nightstand) on the basis of the kind of vibes.

Given that Lelo sex toys’ vibrations still remain orgasmically unbeatable according to my vulvagina, I found Miss Bi’s vibes particularly pleasant.

Compared to Lelo, Fun Factory vibes feel (for my part) more buzzy than rumbly. They reverberate off the hand getting numbing at some point and this might create some level of discomfort (in the hand and in the vulva) after a while. So at the end of a pleasurable encounter with Miss Bi, I feel my labia vibrating after switching off the toy. So I can hear the wedding and the engagement rings bumping one against the other when I’m holding the rabbit in the left hand.

But one sex blogger’s pelvic floor is another sex blogger’s ceiling, and what looks like an intense vibration to me, for many others – the power queens – is not even the minimum necessary for getting turned on.

Having said that, I really, repetitively enjoyed Miss Bi vibes, as proved by the fact I often used it solely for external stimulation, on my clit and labia. With great satisfaction. During couple play too.

A date with Miss Bi

Every time I have a new toy, I need to test it several times before to find which ideal combination of position, angle, vibes, intensity my vulvagina loves the most. At this point, my sessions of pleasure with the toy turn into ritual series of movements occurring naturally, all similar.

With Miss Bi, it happens that I first let it leaning between the clitoris and the vaginal opening before insertion (and after lubricating it). Once the shaft is inserted, the external arm hits my clit with its vibes but without applying the pressure I’d like, so I use the palm of the hand to push the tip against my vulva while I comfortably hold the handle with my fingers. The loop handle makes it easy to control Miss Bi with one hand. Just before to reach the orgasmic finish line, I push the shaft tip against my G-spot area.

Vibratore Miss Bi di Fun Factory sotto carica

Pleasure under control: the smart buttons

Like all Fun Factory toys, Miss Bi has been designed according to the requirements of an exquisitely German functionality.

The three-button interface consists of:

  • a bigger Fun button to turn the fun on: you have to press it for 0.5 seconds to turn both the motors on; it serves also as a quick stop button: you press it and it immediately turns the rabbit off. End of fun;
  • two smaller buttons, one to control each motor: the clitoral arm is controlled by the button with the smaller circle on and the shaft is controlled by the button with the bigger dot on; they allow you to browse through the vibration intensities and rhythms; you can press each button for 0.5 at any time to turn off the vibration in its corresponding motor.

The fact you can independently control the clitoral and external sections allows you to really customize your pleasure experience and to intuitively variate the stimulation according to your sensation and arousal.
Score 1 for Fun Factory: unlike with Lelo Ina Wave, you don’t have to memorise the sequence of settings that combine different vibration modes, turning on of the motors on and off and variating the intensity and patterns according to a preset cycle.
Each motor can be set on 3 different intensities of continuous vibrations (Slow | Smooth | Full power) and 3 vibration rhythms (Strong | Two stages | Bounce).
Both motors start running at the second (smooth) intensity level when the rabbit is switched on.
Several smart button combinations allow you to do smart things like activating/deactivating the travel lock feature (to avoid accidental activation) and saving your favourite setting for next use. The small buttons serve also as battery charge indicators.
All smart features I’ll never be able to use (indeed, Miss Bi died in my hand after lubricating it and letting it touch my vulva). I like when a toy is easy and intuitive to use, when I can explore the possibilities of stimulation and pleasure with no need to read the instructions first. Miss Bi makes it possible and offers additional functions for the delight of patient and meticulous users.

Just because I like to dot the I’s, I’d suggest Fun Factory engineers to vary (to dot?!) the texture on the Fun button in order to make it more recognisable. It’s hard to perceive the difference of size when your mind and body are lost, wandering in search of pleasure. You easily end up pressing the wrong button, switching the toy off while looking for a higher intensity, close to a wave of pleasure.

Vibratore Miss Bi di Fun Factory tenuto in mano sul letto

Material and other smart features

The silicone

Miss Bi is made out of silicone and ABS plastic. The shaft is covered in Fun Factory’s phthalate-free, non-porous, body-safe, 100% medical standard silicone. Compared to Lelo’s super smooth and silky silicone, Miss Bi’s one is easy to clean but works as a magnet for dust and lint, and creates some friction so a good lubrication is necessary (a water-based lubricant is recommended; the use of oils, creams and silicone-based lubes may cause irreversible damage to the toy).

100% waterproof

Being submersible waterproof, Miss Bi allows for underwater play.


Having a clitoral arm (which acts as a stopper) Miss Bi is safe to use in anal play.


Miss Bi comes with a USB magnetic charger. The adapter is not included but you can get one on the website.


Miss Bi is sold at a price of €109.90 | $149.99 on the official online store, which is the right price for a high-quality sex toy designed for being safe, pleasant, easy to use, functional, durable (and intriguingly beautiful).

It’s available in three colours – Turquoise, Pink, and Grape – with white handle and in the Black Line edition with a sleek all-black look.

You can also get Miss Bi as part of a kit.

Kit Fun Factory Miss Bi

The LITTLE BLACK KIT comes with:

A black MISS BI dual action vibrator

SMARTBALL UNO: a vaginal ball that should strengthen your pelvic floor muscles.

TOYFLUID: water-based lube in a 3.4 fl. oz. / 100 ml aluminium bottle.

CLEANER: spray-and-wipe toy cleaner in a 2.5 fl. oz. / 75 ml – aluminium bottle.

Exclusive edition TOYBAG designed by Karim Rashid made of durable, water-resistant, lint-free and antimicrobial material.

TOYBOX: a toy storage box that doubles as a gift box and has a small opening for a Click ‘n’ Charge cable that lets you keep your vibrator hidden away while charging it. It can be folded flat and tucked away when you’re not using it.

The kit has a price of €139.90 | $179.99.

Pictures by I’M

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