bandiera arcobaleno bristol
castle park bristol pride

From Bristol with Pride

I shot these pictures in Bristol, the city I’ve been calling home for a little more than two years, that will host the Pride Parade on Saturday the 14th. I’m gonna miss it because I’ll be flying to Italy, so this is my way to take part to the Pride remotely and to celebrate the freedom to love and live sexuality liberally as a value and a right of every human being.

I live my nudity as a means of freedom and openness to the world, in full respect of all the other human beings populating this planet.
We’re all born naked, tangles of instincts and innate aptitudes, free from conditioning and preconception, and growing up, we let the world we’re surrounded by to shape us.

nuda con bandiera arcobaleno pride a bristol castle park
Proud in Castle Park, starting point of the Bristol Pride parade.

We grow up, we get educated, and we evolve, learning to control instinct by reason, choosing values and principles to be guided by, that allow us to stand out but that sometimes end up telling us apart and make us believe we’re so different that it feels like we’re opposites and contrasting.
Nudity is a way to put aside all normative and ideological structures that we let define us; a way to strip off the clues on our social status, habits, customs and practices, that we call clothes, brands, styles, trends.

naked girl with rainbow flag in bristol
Proud in front of the Wills Memorial Building, landmark building of the University of Bristol.

The variety of our naked bodies of all colours, shapes, ages, makes us face an egalitarian truth: we are all the same because we are all different.

Proud in Millennium Square, end point of the parade.


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