Fin by Dame Products: vibrating safe harbour of pleasure – Review

Fin is not just a vibrator, it’s a record-setting vibrator: it’s the first-ever sex toy to be landed on Kickstarter, the crowdfunding platform by definition.

The all-female brand behind it, Dame Products, s pretty known for breaking world records: its first sex toy Eva was named the most successful campaign ever in its category on Indiegogo, after raising more than eight hundred thousand dollars.

When it came time to give birth to Fin, Dame Products’ founders, instead of just surrendering to Kickstarter’s policy that ruled out products so-called “pornographic”, asked the platform to consider making an exception for the same reason they decided to start Dame Products in the first place: for all the “women lacking awareness of their own needs, or even their own bodies” and all the “people lacking awareness of their partners’ needs”; to give them innovative products aimed at improving their sexual wellbeing.

Being featured on Kickstarter would have meant bringing sex toys to the attention of many people and improving the sex toys’ public perception also thanks to the trust and authority universally recognised to the platform, and ultimately extending the conversation around pleasure and human sexuality breaking stigmas and taboos.

From day one, Dame Products embraced the mission of closing the pleasure gap between men and women (according to studies, women are four times more likely to refer to sex as less pleasurable than men).

Fin: pleasure at hand

Fin is a small finger vibrator for clitoral stimulation.

Its shape resembles that of a little boat and makes it comfortably wearable between two fingers, as a vibrating extension of the hand.

Of all the features, what makes Fin special is the usability: an ergonomic design and a small size make it discreet, non-intrusive and extremely easy and practical to use. You can wear it at your fingertips or near the palm, upwards or downwards. The body has an asymmetrical shape, pointy at one end and flat on the other, and can be oriented to feel different sensations.

The interface is minimal and intuitive: one single button allows to turn the vibrator on/off and cycle through three intensity levels. If held for 10 seconds, it activates the Travel Mode.

With small sex toys like Fin, you usually tend to settle for low power or annoying vibrations since the layer of material around the motor is very thin.

Personally, I tend to prefer gentle vibrations, and Fin allows a pretty wide range of intensity (that surely works for me and maybe it’s a bit limiting ust for power queens) and doesn’t end up making your hand or your body numb even after quite long periods of time.

It comes with a silicone detachable tether for a tighter grip. I actually always used it with no tether as the design itself allows Fin to stay put in the desired position and to be moved quickly and easily.

Pleasure trip for two

(Hetero) partners who want to use a toy during couple’s play are usually let with two options: choosing a toy wearable by the one who has a penis – so a vibrating cock ring that stimulates the clitoris during intercourse; picking up a sex toy wearable by the partners with a vulva – which usually consists in a C-shaped toy designed to sit with one end inside the vagina (small enough to leave space for the penis) and the other end on the clitoris. Dame Products also designed an alternative to the latter type, which is Eva and is shaped to nestle on the vulva and be held by the outer labia.

The limit of this kind of toys is that they often repeatedly move, they don’t fit like they are supposed to (because, of course, all the anatomies are different), they stay attached just to one partner leaving the other with intermittent stimulation, they don’t adapt to all the positions (they often works just for the vanilla sex) and, even if they are technically hands-free toys, they eventually need to be moved, flipped, hold, kept closer et cetera, spoiling the sexual experience’s mental and physical fluidity.

That’s why my better half and I, during couple’s play, always prefer to go for a clitoral vibrator that’s easy to use and keeps one hand busy but not the mind.

Fin is ideal for couple’s play (for every couple, not just the one where one has a penis) and it soon became our safe harbour where we are sure to find mutual fulfilment. If this review comes so late is because we’ve indulged using it, selfishly putting pleasure before business once again.

Fin vibratore da dito a forma di barchetta

You’lL like it if…

you have a vulva! I’d recommend Fin to literally everyone: people who never used a sex toy before, people looking for a couple’s sex toy or for a vibrator that’s discreet and easy to use/hide/clean/transport. I just don’t suggest it to people who need strong and powerful vibrations.


Fin is made of medical grade silicone, easy to clean under running water with neutral or antibacterial soap and, possibly, a sex toy cleaner.

It’s splash-proof but not waterproof so it can’t be submerged.

The package includes Fin, a tether, a soft pouch, a USB charging cable and the product manual.

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