Christmas Gift Guide 2017: same stuff, with a hint of spicy

Let’s face it: no matter how hard we try to be creative, every year we end up giving always the same things as present.

Although you start out with all good intentions of making ‘a nice gift’, original, unique or at least useful, even if ‘it’s just a little something’, you’ll end up wrapping yet another scented candle, the one ‘shaped like a penguin, at least it’s different than usual’, a horrific silver-plated frame that ‘will serve as a lasting memorial’ and the last-minute Christmas hamper, ‘cause ‘food is always good’.

This Christmas, make yourself a favour: don’t overstretch yourself to think outside the box and look for the ultimate gift idea. Surrender to the fact that you’re going to gift a book or a perfume, and use your time to choose carefully the one that will give pleasure for real. Literally.

Here’s my list of Christmas gift ideas: the list of usual gifts, the timeless classics presents, just rethought to be spicy and to add a shade of red more to your Christmas night.

Christmas Gift Guide 2017

The Hamper

If you go for the hamper, just be sure to keep it hot and spicy.

Aphrodisiac Delights Hamper – Vorrei

Vorrei Aphrodisiac Christmas hamper

Fill your hamper with delightful aphrodisiac food that will warm up your Christmas evening and some nights after.
Take inspiration from Vorrei, the family-run online food retailer filling hampers with the finest specialities from Italy. Buy here.

The Candle

Flickering Touch‘ Massage Candle by LELO

'Flickering Touch' Massage Candle by LELO

LELO Massage Candle is not just nice to look at, but also extremely pleasurable to use.
My favourite is Black Pepper & Pomegranate: the lightly scented wax melts into an exquisite pool of luxurious massage oil. Buy here

The Book

book covers vagina the ethical slut

Naomi Wolf.  2012. Vagina: A New Biography. 

Vagina is the book for all those who have to deal with a vagina.
Naomi Wolf reframes how we understand the vagina (and consequently, how we understand women) investigating its connection to female consciousness and all the fascinating ties between a woman’s experience of her vagina and her sense of self.
She combines science and physiology with cultural history and personal considerations of the role of female desire in female identity, creativity, and confidence. Buy here.

Dossie Easton, Janet Hardy. 1997. The Ethical Slut: A Guide to Infinite Sexual Possibilities.

The book that, twenty years ago, contributed to defining polyamory, has been significantly updated and expanded for the 20th-anniversary edition, including sections on poly pioneers and shifting attitudes towards polyamory within a new generation.
The Ethical Slut is the very first sort of guide to polyamory, open relationships and other kinds fo non-monogamous adventures.
A sexual educator and a psychotherapist have combined their own experiences with both casual sex and open marriages, orgies and jealousy, and the willing to reclaim the word slut.
The book outlines a relationship model that, back in the 90s, was just an alternative practice for a subculture of ‘old hippies or screaming geeks’ and today is an interpretation of pleasure and love embraced by many millennials and not just them.
It also worked as an inspiration for Lucy Gillespie, creator of Unicornland, web series about the adventures of a unicorn ( in the polyamorous sense of the word) trying to explore her sexuality after the dissolution of her marriage. Buy here

The Jewel

For Her: Vesper and Droplet by Crave

jewels sex toy vesper droplet by crave

Not all jewels look the same. The ones designed by Crave are gorgeous piece of jewellery that double as streamlined, sleek sex toys.
Vesper is an elegant pendant that peacefully rests between the breasts until you press the button that turns it into a slim vibrator with a rounded tip for external clitoral stimulation. Buy here.
Droplet is a sleek stainless steel silver chain that creates a beautiful line around the neck and ends with two sterling silver pendants. Over the clothes it’s a striking daytime jewellery, underneath the clothing it plays discreetly with your nipples. Just twist the bottom cap to turn the pendants into nipple vibrators: the tiny quiet motors deliver a subtle but insistent vibration along the leather loops from the tip of the pendant. Buy here.

For Him: Pino by LELO

pino vibrating cock ring by lelo

PINO™ is a luxury vibrating cock ring designed with executives in mind by LELO, the Swedish leader in luxury sex toys. It comes with stylish silver money clip and cufflinks included.
Black, of generous size, it promises double pleasure for him and for her. Buy here.

The Personalised Memory Frame

foto fotografo di boudoir im

Better if it’s a boudoir picture, maybe shot by I’M, London-based Italian photographer celebrating the female body. So your partner can keep a memory of your beauty and sensuality and you can live the experience of being a model for one day.

The Little Something

Keep it little but intense.

For Her: Lolita Microfibre Cloth by MorenaNerri

microfibra illustrata lolita

The limited-edition microfibre cloth illustrated by Morena Nerri and inspired by Stanley Kubrik’s Lolita is the gift for everyone: discreetly spicy. Buy here.

For Him: Egg by Tenga

ovetto tenga sex toy

The egg for male pleasure is designed by the Japanese manufacturer known for the smart, excellent design of its male sex toys. It’s available with different textures and stimulations for the penis and promises enveloping sensations. Buy here.

The Bottle

Clicq’Call Rosè by Veuve Clicquot


It’s the gift that comes straight from the heart: make these flirty bubbles scream your love out loud by recording your very own voice message that will be played when the box is opened. Buy here.

The Perfume

L’Essence du Boudoir by Bijoux Indiscrets


Incorporating the sweetness of rose, the exotic essences of Jasmine, wood and spice, and harnessing the erotic powers of Ylang-Ylang, L’Essence du Boudoir catches your senses and heightens the magic in every aspect of your seduction. Once the perfume has gone, the vintage bottle can be reused. Buy here.

The Chocolate

Poême, Dark Chocolate by Bijoux Indiscrets

body painting chocolate poeme bijoux indiscrets

Black and liquid, for the love letters you and your lover are going to write, delete (lick), rewrite, redelete (relick)… Buy here.

The Tech Gift for Him

Flip Hole Zero EV by  Tenga

tenga flip zero electronic vibration male sex toy

The male sex toy by Tenga with a futuristic design and incredible performance (read here the review of the Flip 0’s first version) comes in a new version including rumbling vibrations. Buy here.

The Teddy Bear

OURS – Soft Paris

ours soft paris teddy bear sex toys

The innocent teddy bear by Soft Paris is the hiding spot for the sex toys: the zip and the heart-shaped padlock with two keys will be the guarantors of your privacy. Choose the person with whom to share the second key with care. Buy here.

The Jumper

Why not a hoodie?

Hoodie by Pornhub

pornhub christmas store milan new york

To be purchased strictly in the Pornhub Temporary Christmas Store in Milan or New York. (Or here)

N.B. The list doesn’t apply to all relatives who gifts cash-stuffed envelopes so ‘you can buy whatever you like’: please don’t stop.

All those who already bought all the Christmas presents can make themselves a gift and start unwrapping in advance with:

The Advent Calendar

Best Sex of Your Life Couple’s Sex Toy Advent Calendar (24 Piece) by Lovehoney

lovehoney sex toys advent calendar

Merry Clitmas!

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